I went to the doctors this morning to get something to help me sleep, he’s given me a months worth of Phenargan (not liking the look of the possible side effects though)

He also took one look at my address and calmly remarked on the fact that he’s had a number of other patients in this area experience very similar things – apparantly one old lady in particular has had her door kicked in twice. Nice area huh?!
Why did no-one mention this before I moved in?

(Oh wait! the ‘man’ has spoken – apparantly I’m to stop whinging on my blog – to this I say “stop reading over my shoulder and worry about what you’re doing mister!” Men..)

I’ve sent my avatar on a manhunt (if you’re unsure what I mean by that just have a look at the link – it’s work friendly) Stef’s also procured one, I’ve only started the manhunts and raids since he joined up, I was too busy trying to shore up my hideout before then, he’s shamed me into becoming more aggressive. I’m still not into gaming, but this is realtime and I can just leave it and come back to it as and when I please without losing anything (unless I get found on a search of course..)

In other more pleasent news, I’ve been asked by the ME/CFS support group to conduct a jewellery making demonstration in July, I’m well up for that – it’s always nice to pass something along to others, I’d like to think they may enjoy doing it as much as I do, I’ve also sold my first set, the green bracelet as pictured in this post with a matching necklace. I’m well chuffed – my stuff is of saleable quality! *beaming grin* You’re never sure until it happens are you?

Right, I’d best get myself up to the shops, the eggs won’t walk here of their own accord and I can’t make my banana cake without them..

2 thoughts on “Blurb

  1. Blog Bloke

    I have to concur that the best cure for insomnia is to just stop blogging. Once I get a post into my head the brains can’t stop chasing the long tail, round and round and round…

    I just wanted to drop and say thanks for the comment the other day. It was hilarious and very much appreciated (and much needed at the time 🙂

    I’ve subscribed you so I’ll drop by from time to time to say hello.



    Heh, nay bovver m’lovely – I’m just glad you took it in the spirit it was meant, so many people miss the humour sometimes.. 😉

  2. debambam

    Oh this is freaky, I’m logged in!!! Whatever you did, thanks love…
    WTG on the first sale!!! Must feel mighty fine. Phernergan, is that like the antihistamine? Sounds like something we gave Zoe when she was younger for travel sickness. Can’t remember the side effects, I think that was sleepiness, which is why we used it. She just slept straight through the travelling 🙂

    Yup that’s the drug Kel, glad to hear it actually works *grin* I’m looking forward to a good nights kip for once. As to the logging in thing.. tbh, i’m not sure what it was – i’m thinking maybe my host servers were playing up or being upgraded or whatever, for about 30minutes this morning I couldn’t get my blog to load from a couple of links (even though all my website links are exactly the same by virtue of the little Ctrl + V function..) it’s settled down now though so hopefully it was nothing but a wee hiccup..

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