Damnation, I was all comfy here

By ‘here’ I of course mean my email address, I managed to jump on the gmail bandwagon pretty early on when it was considered a great thing to get an invite (just before everyone had so many they couldn’t give ’em away) now I may have to be changing things a bit according to a post I just read on the wiredhound blog (another MBL browse by)

Never mind eh?! I could always learn how to set up outlook express and use the defunct email facility I have with my hosting package (defunct because I have no use for it at present) It’s kind of odd how patchy my pc knowledge is really, I can use things like dreamweaver and photoshop, but I’ve never touched access and I’ve no clue how to create a pdf document or a powerpoint presentation. I think I really need to go back to school and learn a few basics – maybe this back to work lass can offer some suggestions on April 23rd – assuming the appointment isn’t re-scheduled, it being a govt. office thing and all..

I went out to the library today and picked up a few books seeing as all I’m good for is reading at present – I’m too distracted for anything else and my memory is so pants I forget what drink I’m supposed to be making in the time it takes me to walk from the front room to the kitchen and I need reminding at least twice before the kettle has a chance to boil (damned irritating it is too I can assure you! Still, there’s people worse off than me out there – I may feel like an idiot but at least I have the energy and strength to be making myself a drink in the first place so it’s not all bad eh?!)

Anyhow, I have to say ‘This book will save your life’ by a.m. homes is an absolute corker! I read it today and found myself laughing out loud and just feeling great at certain points in the story, I was a tad disappointed in the way it ended – not because it’s a bad ending, I just wanted more, I didn’t want the book to stop.
It’s not often I feel that way about this kind of book, I’m more of a sci-fi/ fantasy lass as anyone who’s been around here a few months will already know. It left me wanting to go out and do something nice for a random stranger off the street – never a bad sentiment to be left with, but it made me think (thinking is good)

Why is it that of all the people I know, the nastiest more self absorbed types are the ones who don’t like to read? Perhaps if everyone could get sucked into a book like this the world would be a better place, perhaps it’s for those people we have films like ‘pay it forward’ (which came from a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde) There are a lot of thoughts running through my head since reading that book, thoughts about the relationship I have with various members of my family, thoughts about the identities of the people with whom I connect online – but it’s all too much of a mishmash to write about coherently – especially with the added disadvantage of struggling for words that used to come easily.

All I can say is, read the book, maybe it will speak to you the way it spoke to me, if not, well you can always put it down.

One thought on “Damnation, I was all comfy here

  1. iambrave

    Thanks for the recommendation – I always need a suggestion for a new novel. I LOVE to read so I clearly don’t fall into that nasty self absorbed category, right?

    Definitely not *grin* I’ve read your blog, you think of others a fair old amount m’dear *kiss*

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