Grand National

I WON!!!

*grin* so yah boo sucks to daddy dearest (his response to my text by the way was “No-one likes a big head” *snicker*)

I love you Silver Birch – you just got me 2 driving lessons *kiss*

3 thoughts on “Grand National

  1. weenie

    Well done, I won zero this year, plumping for the favourites for once. Might just use the old blindfold and pin trick next time!

    *grin* agreed. Anything but the favourites seems to be the best bet on the National Weenie 

  2. Steve

    I had £1 each way on too, but different gee gee, it was weird race in that none of the favourites did anything and the bookies totally cleaned up. Well apart from you obviously!

    Well hello there steviebabes – thanks for de-lurking 😉

    You’re right though, the way the odds jumped for monkerhostin I’d say they certainly made a few pennies on that horse – must’ve been my ol’ man shooting off his mouth in the pub *grin* you’d think his mates would all know by now wouldn’t you 😀

  3. debambam

    WTG!!!! Woohoo!! Bring them driving lessons on!!! I want pics BTW 🙂

    LOL bit hard to take a pic while driving babe 😉 I’ll get Stef to drag out the camera when I pass 

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