Hows this for live blogging

I’ve just had my front door kicked in by the police.


Because Stef and Ian went downstaits before to get that TWAT to turn his music down (at gone 1am) so I could go to bed and sleep.
20 minutes later the front door goes, I go down, 2 lads in balaclavas with a large piece of wood (possibly a bat) are stood there demanding to know where my boyfriend was. I just said fuuck that and slammed the door, managed to turn the lock before they got to it, and hoofed it up to the phone and 999.

Whilst stef and Ian are trying to get the door open because it stuck after the outside assailants attacked it (my fault for turning the lock) I’m sat waiting for the police to arrive. They do within 10 minutes of making the call, by which time there is no sign of the lads and we’re still stuck in the house.

I now need a crime number because the police had to kick the door in to let us out, it’s kindling.

On the plus side, it turned out to be a damned sight sturdier than I’d expected – it stood up to repeated batterings from 2 lads, Ian going at it with a hammer from the inside after they’d gone and 3 or 4 hefty kicks from the copper on the scene to get it open.

opps, statement time. will update later.