I curse my father!

He rang up the other day with a couple of ‘tips’ for the grand national, I don’t gamble as a rule (i’m too poor) but he lives for it, horses are his lifesblood – if he could I swear he’d own a string of racehorses. Anyhow, now I feel like I have to lay on a bet or 2, this feeling has been exacerbated by the arrival of Ian coming to drag Stef up to the bookies.
This being so I’ve thrown a whole £7 between 3 horses (all £1.25 each way bets, man I’m such a risk taker LOL) I picked one by myself : ‘Silver Birch’ just on the name (I love those trees, my favourites after the lovely willow) the other 2 were the hot picks my daddy dearest urged me to bet on ‘Idle talk’ and ‘monkerhostin’ then Ian piped up and told me to pick one of the 100/1ers and he’d stick on a bet in my name, obviously I had to choose ‘knowhere’ had to be at 100/1 with a name like that didn’t it?.

Now it’s a case of sitting back and waiting – I think between the three of us we’ve picked every horse in the race so at least one of us has to win *grin* talk about hedging your bets eh?!

Seems my dad knows his stuff though, just switched on the tv and they’re doing a little looksee at Idle talk – something to do with the trainer and there’s a red rum connection.. can’t follow it all but I feel a tad better about throwing my money to the wind now, meh! It’s all a bit of fun, I can write it off against next months amazon rental charges since I’m cancelling my subscription after this month.

That’s right, I’m cutting back, the dvd rentals and the tv are going because I want to recommence my driving lessons – I need to pass my test, I’m sick of everyone asking me how the lessons are going and my only response being ‘they’re not’.

Hopefully I’ll be living somewhere else by the time I’ve passed my test – still trying to decide on area since Stef can’t make up his mind so i doubt we’ll be gone before my birthday *sigh* ah well, at least downstairs has quietened down since the police visit.. here’s hoping it lasts!

One thought on “I curse my father!

  1. Dave

    Heh… Congrats!

    Turns out *you* were the one with the hot tip after all 😉

    And didn’t i just rub it in too *grin*

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