Juuuuust great.

Ok, so I got a crime number from the police, the joiners came around and temporarily fitted a new lock and made an interim repair to the front door, we’ve a new one on order but for now I’m not leaving the place empty until it’s been fitted, no matter how secure they say the repair is.

The whole thing was just so random. I know we’ve been making noises about what we’d like to do to the guy, he’s been annoying the hell out of us for months after all, but if we were really going to follow through on the talk he’d have been in hospital months ago.
All Stef and Ian did last night was bang on the door and windows until he answered (normally he just ignores the door but they refused to give up) When he finally did open up Ian goes to him “Don’t you think that’s a bit loud mate?’ to which he responded “no I don’t actually” and slammed the door, so they started knocking again, the music got louder, then I heard shouting, then the music stopped and the lads came back upstairs.

10 minutes later the music started again, we just looked at each other and laughed in disbelief and I came straight online to write a complaint email to the housing people.
I’d just sent it when we heard his door banging downstairs, then a few minutes later there came a knock at my door. I assumed it was the police because the lads had really made a row banging on his door before and there was no one else it could possibly be at that time of night (it being incredibly unlikely that he’d come round to apologise) and that’s when it all kicked off.

I still can’t believe it escalated to that level, he’s not right in the head that guy.
Sadly the police couldn’t arrest him because although he does own a rounders bat it was too short to match my description of the weapon used by the 2 balaclavad assailants, there was no evidence to link him to the attack – but there is just nothing else it could be about, it happened too soon after the lads went down about the noise to be anything else.
Mind you – even the copper said the guy’s a loon – apparantly he was running around the flat downstairs while they were trying to talk to him, the poor officer charged with the task of taking his statement had resorted to chasing after him saying ‘please come and sit down’.

If you feel threatened in some way you call the police, you do not call a couple of guys with a slab of wood to go calling on someone for you. That’s the kind of thing that happens in a bad soap opera.

I told you, my life could keep Jerry Springer in storylines for years!

5 thoughts on “Juuuuust great.

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  3. mojo shivers

    Wow, that sounds like one hell of a night. And that guy sounds like a real piece of work.

    And then some Pat, still – hopefully we won’t be living here too much longer eh?! 

  4. debambam

    Oh that just plain old sucks….I can’t believe that the dickhead from downstairs can get away with that kind of shit!!! Perhaps you could resort to some really bad pranks like dead fish in his mailbox, or calling for pizza deliveries to his place, or registering his address on a bunch of porn sites or something…..
    Glad to be back , seems like forever since I been here! But we have the net back now so I’ll be around.
    Oh my username don’t work no more 🙁

    grrr.. sorry Kelly, that was probably my attempts to upgrade messing everything about, I’ll get to it shortly – glad you’re up and running again *kiss* I’ll not descend to any prank levels, the only thing I want to do right now is move.

    That way, we’ll know where he lives, he won’t have a clue where we are *grin* then I may think about pranks 😉

  5. Kitty

    Just the sort of excitement you DON’T need sweetie. As long as you and the fella are ok, that’s all that matters xxx

    We’re fine Kitty, cheers for taking time out from the wee one to stop by, I’ll try and have something cheerful up for your next visit 😀

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