Me? A Smac addict..?

Apparantly so..

me holding some italian cleaning products

I was planning to head out to the pub this evening but recieved a text from Stef telling me they were at the footballers (‘they’ being all the lads) so I changed my mind, I’ve done quite a lot today so resting is probably the best option anyway (she says, blogging) I have to make a necklace since my wire has now arrived – bloomin quick it was too! A day and a half after I placed the order – and that was with royal mail delivery. I’m impressed!

But, because I have to make it, procrastination has reared it’s loveable little head. Instead of getting my stuff out, I found myself looking through the photo album Stef put together the other day of various holiday pictures, the one above was taken in Cevaro In Italy when we went to visit his family last year, the fact that I look like a drug addict just made the find that much funnier *grin* (sans make-up I aint a pretty sight) finding it is obviously what prompted me to head back to the pc instead of my work table – after all I’d not posted today, someone might think I’m ill or something if I don’t.. *grin* you can justify anything if you try hard enough ;0}

me at drigg - not happy!I have to post this one because I think it’s my favourite pictures of me; every time I look at it I have to chuckle just because I was so pissed off *grin* for you newbies/ passersbyers here’s the back story:

Stef and I went to the lake district with friends for a week, my dad works at Sellafield (technical author – go figure, writing must be in the blood or summat) so we thought we’d stop by and see him, we ended up staying overnight at the hotel in Drigg and in the morning Stef forced me to trek through rain and a gale force wind up the road to see the sea. I was cold, tired and hungry – not the best time to catch me really.. But man I love that coat!

Shame it’s not waterproof eh?!

2 thoughts on “Me? A Smac addict..?

  1. HK

    at least you remembered to put your teeth in, love…

    Now now HK, you know I had them fixed in place, they may still be false but I can’t take these ones out 😉 You’re not still sore over the award thing are ya *grin* post more often then 😛

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