Paypal protects you my ARSE!

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This is now part 5. Would you be happy about the final response I got from Paypal over the issue with Ms belligerent?

We have completed our investigation of this case. You have received a refund of £0.00 GBP for this claim.

Non-receipt – Case ID: PP-242-143-739


Case Closed

Transaction ID: 3GN387860A5548516
Seller Name & Email: TERENCE NORMAN WHALLEY, [email removed for privacy reasons]
Transaction Amount: -£24.00 GBP
eBay Item no.: 130013560846, 130035517944, 130035518619
Transaction Date: 27 Dec. 2006

I removed the email address only after toying with the idea of asking you all to flood the inbox with nasty spam.. See, I am only human *grin*

I’m Not impressed.

As far as I was aware I was getting something back as it is I’m down £24 – it’s my only bad eBay experience but still.. Makes me feel less confident about selling my jewellery on there, how can they claim you’re protected with paypal if this is the way the resolution centre deals with things?

All they do is make you email each other, someone looks at it and apportions blame then it’s case closed without any actual comeback – surely I should not be out of pocket if I’ve been found to be the person in the right?

Gah! Sod the lot of ’em.

I’m off to start ad-clicking maybe by this time next year I’ll have made back the £24 doing this.. Assuming they pay out, it’s only because I was checking my paypal info for this that I realised the previous issue had been ‘resolved’ so Cheers Tom for writing about it – I hope you got some decent mulah from my clicking your referral link..

Speaking of which.. *grin* I’ve not mentioned Ciao for a while.. I only need another 2p in my account to claim my next load of cash off ’em – that’ll be 3 payouts and I rarely write reviews, if you hammer the reviews you could quite conceivably make a fortune..


7 thoughts on “Paypal protects you my ARSE!

  1. rosevibe Post author

    To be honest guys, I really cannot be arsed with it anymore. I was just a tad disappointed that paypal couldn’t come up with the goods – they claim they protect you, I guess all they protect are your credit card details – if i had a credit card I could probably take it further but as I don’t.. Meh. tis done.

  2. debambam

    Oh that just sucks, is there anything else you can do?I know here in aus you could take it to the fair trading commission and they could possibly help…

  3. Jay

    That sucks but I guess it’s the risk you take when you buy something from someone you don’t know without having the item in your hand.

  4. Ashish C.

    Forgot to mention that Powersellers offer returns to those folks and ask them to remove the feedback thus not getting them much – ratings. 🙂

  5. Ashish C.

    Paypal’s only good to send money.. its one heck of pain in the A$$ if you’re trying to get something refunded. You should see the accounts of folks getting cheated by sellers selling fake MP4 players on this forum

    The best method is deal only with trusted people. And if you’re buying on eBay watch out! I’ve dealed on eBay thrice before all times with HongKong sellers. The second time the seller did not ship to my country, good thing the seller refunded my money. Powersellers are necessarily not good, they negotiate with folks who leave negative feedback about their conning ways by offering them partial to full returns. Try that for a change. It will get him/her on their knees. 🙂

  6. K. Restoule

    What a rip. Hired goons, I’m telling you, send some goons to this guy’s place.

    Tempting.. If only I knew where it was – that was part of the issue, she wouldn’t give me her address until I promised to send cash. I may be daft but I’ve finally learned it’s not a good idea throwing good money after bad! 

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