You’ve gotta laugh really, I clicked on a twitter link and was directed to The item on display was the black and decker scumbuster 2 piece set:

black and decker scumbuster

Now, I clicked on the link expecting a humorous site – and the first thing to register with me was the word ‘scumbuster’ I saw the above image and just flashed back to Mr Miyagi telling a young lad to ‘wax on wax off’ followed by mental imagery of chavs littering the streets in a bleeding groaning mess – apologising profusely for any criminal or anti-social behaviour.

So of course I laughed uproarously and continued to read the rest of the page.
I was quite disappointed to realise this is a product for the removal of built up scum (in the dirt sense of the word)

I liked my idea much better.

4 thoughts on “Perceptions..

  1. Jiya

    Your virtual home is very cosy.

    Why thankyou very much Jiya, it’s good of you to stop by – have a biscuit 😉

  2. K. Restoule

    So to use this product, I have to wait for my scum to build up? But I want to know if it will water my hard to reach plants. I hope they invent a product that will help me water them before they wither and die.

    After all the twitters you’ve left whinging about the snow I’m amazed you’ve any plants to think about never mind water K 😉

  3. Jay

    Who knew that you would be disappointed by the variety of scum? Strange days indeed.

    Well a gal does have standards you know Jay 😛

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