The fine art of blogging.

I received an email earlier from Dio over at Quasi Fictional asking me to write a post answering the question “What is a blog to you?” since said email was also peppered with such flattering phrases as ‘guru blogger’ and the insinuation was made that I am one of those almighty figures referred to as a ‘renowned blogger’ (I know, I nearly wet myself laughing at this point too) I figured, what the heck – a post is a post right?

a 'slightly' photoshopped me - in makeup!

He also requested that I stick up a photo, since this one is in use all over the place as my avatar (mainly monsters game, my blog log and twitter) I thought why waste time looking for something else?

I touched upon the subject of why I blog in this post but it doesn’t really answer Dio’s query, so to see what I said you’d best whisk yourself over there and see my response.

(It was here but since I got the wrong end of the stick I had to edit and forward and all sorts of mucky muck.. Good job i’ve nothing better to do eh?!)

Now I realise this is all a blogfest and linkwhoring and all the rest of it, but I promise you, I don’t actively seek to ‘up’ my ratings.
Sometimes I turn ‘sheep’ and feel that I should, recently I’ve been bleating all over the place following link after link and instead of merely flipping past sites I’ve taken the time to leave a comment (or 3) when the subject has interested me enough to do so and in the process I’ve virtually met some cracking people.

Yes Dan, I mean you. *grin*

4 thoughts on “The fine art of blogging.

  1. Lynda Lippin

    Hey Vics,

    Nice blog! I assume you enjoy mine given your comments…
    Shall we trade blog links & website links? And I would love it if you would link to my CFS post on your site.


    Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Website
    Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog

    Hey Lynda, I will link on my cfs blog, I don’t tend to trade links as such, I’ll only put links on here if I find myself sucked into a persons archives along with the recent stuff and need bookmarks I can use away from home, I now have one such here *grin* thankee

  2. Jay

    So wait…where is the answer? Is there an answer?

    Aye m’love, there is – sadly Dio seems to be on a different time zone to me so it’s not been posted over there yet – I didn’t take that into account when I posted.. he’s emailed me back and it should be up about 5 hours from now.. *sheepish grin* sorry, the time difference thing always messes me up.

  3. dan1el

    *cough*stalker*cough* 🙂

    You used the N word. I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’ve not targeted a niche. It’s a mistake but at the same time a challenge. I really do believe you can make it without a niche, so don’t give up hope yet of being a pro blogger. 🙂

    I’ve actually been wanting to write a post on the whole niche issue.

    As for the question, what is a blog? I agree with you, in essence a blog is simply a way of communicating, and sharing your thoughts. But its power far surpasses such a limited definition. It feels strange to me sometimes how I end up making connections with complete strangers who I’m unlikely to ever meet. The ability to reach out to people who are on the opposite side of the planet is lost on most people, but I think it is profound. What other medium allows an individual to do that?

    LOL i’m not stalking you Dan – honest I’m not *grin*

    I agree totally with your last few comments, however.. I don’t really hope to ever become a ‘pro’ blogger, that sounds like hard work – and I’d want money, LOTS of money 😉 I am looking forward to your niche post though..

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