Wern Isaf in Llangollen

Wondering why i’ve been so quiet the last few days? meh, betcha didn’t even notice lol

As it happens we were at a lovely campsite in Wales, you have to know it’s there to find it though – if it wasn’t for Simon leading the way we’d have been circling Llangollen for hours looking for it!

The campsite is on the fields of a working farm, there’s bulls, horses and sheep everywhere you look, they even had a beast locked up in one of the barns – we joked it was a werewolf because some of the noises it made were truly terrifying. Yep, whoever said the countryside was quiet has never been. The birdlife was ample, we were adopted by a cheeky little robin that flew into Simons vehicle for a good look around as we were setting up the tents, then a drake and his lady came ambling over to keep an eye on things once we were settled.

the ducks sat happily outside the tents

The views are fantastic. The pictures on their website really don’t do the place justice, seriously – feast your eyes on this:

view from outside our tent

As you can see we had glorious weather the whole time we were there, I now have some colour in my face – if I’d had the guts for it my legs would also be more pink than blue, as it was I refuse to put the general public through the ordeal of me in shorts, it just wouldn’t be right!
view of the cows being fed

The cows were in the next but one field to ours and over to the left of the hedge they’re next to was the slope that the sheep were on, one actually broke through into the cow field and seemed to be frantically trying to get back over once it realised where it was, most amusing to watch.

I was.. hmmm.. What’s the word for when you’re disgusted yet amused all tha the same time? meh, no matter. Basically Simon and Nic are seasoned campers, they go frequently with the kids, but they refuse to leave behind any mod cons. I’ve never been camping with electricity before, I always laughed at the people who did thinking ‘whats the point? You may as well stay at a B&B’
No longer! I am a true convert to the ways of the electric. They had a HEATER in their tent. I can live without a fridge, even without the kettle (though having a nice hot cuppa when you get up is fabulous!) but I want a heater. I still think taking a tv and a microwave is a tad over the top though..

We also succumbed to tent envy, I now want one with at least another ‘room’

tents are up!

Look at the size of theirs compared to ours! Simon’s not a little lad and he can stand upright in it! I had to laugh when they were putting all their stuff in it though, normally the kids get a pod each and the adults obviously share one, everything else tends to then get stored in the centre chamber. Not so this time, with the kids at home they had a wardrobe pod and a bathroom! Seriously! I couldn’t stop laughing at that, coat hangers and everything! My ‘wardrobe’ consisted of jeans, combats and some t-shirts screwed up in a bag.
Me laughing at the 'wardrobe'

The fun didn’t stop there however, we got to take the micky muchly out of my poor baby. He likes to wander when we go camping and he takes the camera with him (actually where ever we go he takes the camera – ‘appy snapper is my ol’ man) This time he had to be careful because we had a field full of girl scouts and Edinborough award kids, much was made of the fact that he could come across as a dirty ol’ man if he went about his usual way of doing things *grin* I mean.. C’mon, lookee here (the tents in the left at the back are the girls, they were on the opposite side of the field to us)
Stef mooching about

I think this is the actual picture that was taken of him as this observation was being made, could explain the look on his face *grin*
Aye, t’was a nice and relaxing weekend all told, we very nearly went back again today seeing as the camping stuff was still in the car and we’ve nothing planned until thursday.. But sadly common sense kicked in, there’s washing to be done, the flat needs cleaning – and we spent a fortune this month already.

We will definitely be going back though, this time with a camping stove, table/ chairs and a few other creature comforts *grin* best not get too carried away though or we’ll end up with a ‘car’ like Simons..

8 thoughts on “Wern Isaf in Llangollen

  1. rosevibe Post author

    sunburned and pregnant? well, one out of 2 aint bad *grin*

    I think we’ll be going again soon – who knows, perhaps you’ve just forewarned me Joebec 😉

    Everyone loves the ducks April, me especially – they left our tent alone once they realised i’m not soft enough to part with food..

    Ashish.. it’s a tad rotten to rub it in that you have the good fortune to live somewhere so pretty! Don’t blame you in the slightest though 😛

    Kitty? it’s the snoring that makes it so much fun lol have you never played the game ‘match the face to the snore’ first thing in the morning?

    Pat – go! seriously, it’s a cracking way to spend a weekend.

    K.. When will you learn that i’m just not interested in the playoffs – or sport generally? I think it’s great doing without the idiot box for a few days, makes the experience that much more fun. cards and board games were invented for a reason y’know..

  2. April D.

    I love the ducks! And you guys actually know what tents are and how to use them? Camping with electricity, that’s awesome. Someone needs to tell my family about these new developments 😉

  3. Suresh

    Advetures trip with full fun. I love and like this type of trip. I have ejoyed such type of only two trips .

    Heh! wouldn’t exactly call it an adventure trip Suresh, very enjoyable though I must say.

  4. Ashish C.

    Quite good trip! Looks fun. I’d love to go somewhere like this.. mountains, cows, sheep, trees.. ah the pleasures………… except I already live in such a place minus the sheep. 😀 I like the second photo, superb.

  5. Kitty

    Sound like you had a great time. Not the life for me though, my folks used to drag me off camping a couple of times a year (in a caravan) and I was never that keen on it. The holiday was fun, it was having to share a tin box with two people who could easily take gold for the UK in the Olympic Synchroised Snoring event.

  6. K. Restoule

    Wimpy Camping huh? My parents used to be even worse with their 5th wheel trailer with the built in Microwave and then they would put up the satellite dish., but hey. how else are you going to watch the playoffs?

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