Been busy..

I’ve not been fully with it on the communication front for the last few days, my online experince has been pared down to about 4 twitters and the deletion of spam from my email accounts.

I’ve had too much going on in the real world to spare the concentration for my virtual life (that and I just couldn’t summon up the energy to type) I’ve been visiting the family, well, some of the family.

I spent more time with my brother Richard on this visit than I have in the last god knows how many years – normally when I head down to Daventry he’s there for about 5 minutes then he heads out to see his mates or go to the gym which means that normally I spend the lions share of my time with the younger brother, Kenneth.
This time around, not only did I get to see both brothers for some QT but I caught up with my cousins as well, Ria is doing so well for herself that i’m a tad jealous, Jasmine is very much on my wavelength, I spent practically a full 2 days in her company and they were most enjoyable. her fella makes me laugh though. Rob is the politest young man you’ve ever come across in your life and it’s obvious they adore each other, I also got my first glimpse of her engagement ring so I guess I need to stop calling Rob just a ‘boyfriend’ now that he’s a bona fide fiance..

Anyhow, he deserves the ‘bowchikawow woww’ thrown his way by the 2 young girls at the end of his street (much hilarity this caused.. Especially when he then admitted he’d slammed the door shut rather swiftly as said young women started walking towards him.. Coward *grin*)

I have to say though, the Hartleys and the Stringers are an incredibly good looking family. I saw my cousin Stephen for the first time in over 10 years and WOW! I mean on a phwoaaar rating he’s 100! I couldn’t believe it, in fact I was mildly disturbed to realise that if I’d been single and unaware of who he was .. I so would!
Seriously, he’s a stud!
This was an admission that mildly nauseated my brother so of course I had to big it up some *grin* y’know, as sisters do when they find something to tease you with.
But it got me thinking, for all our mental quirks, we are a pretty bunch. Well, mostly, I’m about mid range, my brothers (much as I hate to admit it) are quite high on the attractiveness scale, but Sues kids are stunners and Vals are not far behind and Joans were always acclaimed for being purdy lil thangs – the next generation look set to be heartbreakers too..

Yup, did the genetic ego some good seeing that lot, any kids I have are definitely drawing from a cracking looking gene pool *grin* especially if they’re lads judging from the way things are weighted at the moment.
Modest much? *chuckle*

I also saw Spiderman 3 while I was there. Not impressed.
In the car on the way back Jasmine pointed out that you could’ve had at least 2 films for the sake of that one and I had to agree.
The Sandman plotline was unnecessary, lose him and keep Harry as an amnesiac throughout this one and there’s a plausible next film already written, just let him team up with the Sandman when he remembers his hatred of spidey. this time could’ve concentrated on developing the enmity between Peter/spidy and the new photographer, Basically it was pants. too many characters, too many plotlines and not enough cohesion.

..Though we did laugh at ’emo peter’ that cocky walk had us in stitches! Cringing with it of course but I don’t think there was a single girl in the cinema not chuckling in horrified amusement at his transormation.

4 thoughts on “Been busy..

  1. Kitty

    “any kids I have are definitely drawing from a cracking looking gene pool”, indeedy, shame you have to water it down with Stef’s genes eh 😉

    (I’m only kidding Stef *kissy*)

    LMAO y’know, now you come to mention it..

  2. mojo shivers

    We all get busy sometimes. I haven’t been writing as much on my site as I ususally do. Such is the nature of life. It has ebbs and flows, but I’m sure you’ll get back to being your usually verbose self soon, Vics.

    Moi? verbose *grin* surely not m’lovely.. 

  3. K. Restoule

    Ok, Last time I checked, sisters are NOT suppose to be checking ANYONE out, but obviously no one listens to that rule, including my own sister. Sheesh.

    *grin* hence the 30 minute conversation between myself and my brothers girlfriend on the subject of just how hot my cousin is now.. He was a tad disturbed lol 

  4. debambam

    Oh great, Tony wants to go see that movie…I haven’t seen the first two dammit! Perhaps I can bribe him with ‘i’ll see that if you come to Pirates of the Carribean with me’

    Who says your allowed to go and get one of them life things missy?? Not allowed to be galivanting around visiting rellies and pondering the gene pool…hehehehehe

    Meh, tell him to wait till it’s out on dvd with the directors cut because that version may make a little more sense, i’m sure they chopped something that made the sandman part less of a throw together. That way you can both go see something that’s worth the money.

    It’s films like this that make me want to download, I don’t mind paying £6 + to see a film at the cinema if I come out doing something more than slating it. Especially since everyone else coming out were slating it along with me.

    Still, was a bonding experience I suppose..

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