Bit of a whinge.

I found this quite amusing, according to them next door, the wanker downstairs seems to think that we are responsible for his door getting the boot the other week.

The reason I find it so amusing is that if we had been responsible, his Dolly Parton CD would have been the first thing to go – there would have been many little pieces scattered across the floor beneath the wreck of what was once his stereo.

Sadly, the music playing all day upon his return is enough to attest to our innocence *sigh* What amazes me though is that he’s told our other neighbours that his stereo went missing so I’d love to know what he was playing that bloody CD on the day before he called the police round.. Anyone else smell a con job going on?
We actually saw him yesterday as we were walking up to the bottle bank, not a word was exchanged on either side and he couldn’t meet my eyes as I watched him walking towards and then past us.

But, no matter. He’s beneath notice, I should really stop wasting thought and blogspace on him. I don’t know why I let the whole situation get to me so much. I hate being here, and yet there’s no real reason why I should – apart from the music and ‘that night‘ we never have anything to do with him. The other neighbours all keep to themselves and apart from the space issue this is a relatively nice flat.
We’re close to all amenities and decent transport links, there are a couple of people I like that live not too far away and I’ve got karaoke close by on the rare occasions I fancy it.
Yet I still hate being here, I want to move so badly it hurts, I try not to think about it but, because I’m so stressed out at the uncertainty of how long I’m going to be trapped here, I can’t get to sleep (when I do I have nightmares) and I have no interest in keeping the place nice, I make suggestions and look at ways to improve it but my heart’s not in it at all – the worst part of it is, is that I know I don’t have any logical reason for feeling this way.

I just want out.

Aaaanyway, moving on..

I went to the library this morning to pick up some more Christopher Brookmyre books, I was quite impressed with his ‘All fun and games until somebody loses an eye‘ so much so that I can’t wait to crack on with the three others I checked out this morning, if only there was somewhere pleasant around here to go sit out with a book, seems a shame to waste this glorious weather on the net.

6 thoughts on “Bit of a whinge.

  1. rosevibe Post author

    Heh Pat honey – you can have ‘im.
    K, I wouldn’t mind barbera striesand too much, i’ve never heard enough of her to decide for or against, but Kelly.. I’m just a tad gutted because I used to LIKE Dolly Parton.

    Jay, I want roots, more than anything, more than kids/ being healthy/ getting a job. I want to feel settled, it’d make a pleasent change methinks.

    Exseno – I will be moving, eventually. There’s just bits and bobs that need sorting before that desire becomes a reality *sigh* real lifes a bitch.

  2. debambam

    DOLLY PARTON??? My question is, why hasn’t he been arrested for playing that stuff loud enough to subject unwilling parties to it?? Each to their own I guess, but c’mon, thats just RUDE!

  3. Exseno

    Girlfriend if you are that unhappy there you should keep your eyes open for something else. You’ll probably love getting away from there. And you will be so much more at relaxed. Once you find something, you will probably get all excited over the prospect of moving in.

  4. Jay

    You sound pretty restless. I know the feeling well, but I always struggle with it. Sometimes I know I’m in a great place but still I want to go, for no particular reason. But if I keep moving, when will I ever put down roots. Oh wait, who said roots were a good thing?
    Dolly Parton is probably enough to make anyone itch.

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