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Facebook is probably something most of you already know about (and if so, why have you not invited me into your network *shakes head in disgust*) it’s a social network site but it certainly beats faceparty/ facepic/ lookitsme and the like hands down.
It has the option to create photo albums, leave ‘notes’ (very twitter like) and you can leave comments (like myspace but without the bugs and viruses) it’s a very friendly piece of kit and me likee muchly, I’ve also found several people on there that I lost contact with a while back through the groups option. Yup, if you’re not on facebook you’re wasting your time *grin*

Now, the really fun one.. SingSnap. It’s currently in beta testing but I have 10 invites going spare, any karaoke lovers in da howse? just leave a note in the comments and i’ll email you one. It’s thanks to Kevvybabes i know about this (and facebook for re-uniting me with him) basically it’s a site for karaoke lovers, you can choose a song from the virtual book (and it’s a biggie) if you have webcam set up you can record visual as well as audio but it doesn’t matter if you don’t, you then get to choose whether to save it as a public or a private recording and away you go.

Ok, so it’s not as good as actually going to a karaoke nor is it brilliant for showcasing your singing talents, it is a fun piece of software though and since it’s all online you don’t need anything beyond a mic and speakers, it also has it’s own thriving community on the messageboards and in the chatrooms, and if you happen to have a few buddies signed up and recording you can do duets and harmonised tracks – without even being in the same country never mind the same room.. For something this good in beta I’m interested to see how well it stands up when it goes fully live.

Just one piece of advice, unless they’re there to join in, don’t try recording with someone else in the flat.. Git. πŸ˜‰

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  1. ConnieG

    Ohh just found this via google..

    invitations are not needed anymore….

    cool blog πŸ™‚

  2. kimy

    hi))) i just wanted to ask you about the invitation for the singsnap 😳
    i found singshot, but it has terrible sync πŸ˜₯
    i’m tried of re-recording every song for million times whithout any result!
    my neighbor’s are ready to kill me) plz, send me the invitation if u still have it)

  3. Liz

    Thank you so much for the invitation… I’ve just spent a most enjoyable 2+ hours trying out various songs and looking up my favorite artists. Love the variety!

  4. gail

    hi rosevibe, glad i stumbled on you site very interesting. my husband and me are just getting into karaoke ,heard about singsnap and have been on the waiting list for sometime now. could you possable invite us to join . we would appriciate it so much thanking you in advance gail

  5. Vics Post author

    I have many many MANY invites to give now courtesy of the lovely Tony at singsnap support, keep ’em coming m’dears i’m happy to welcome you to the fold *grin*

  6. Vics Post author

    Nay bovver petal – right, the lovely lads at singsnap have just given me a ton of invites so keep requesting and i’ll chuck ’em your way.. gotta spread the wealth now haven’t we?

  7. poisonedsodapop

    Any invites left? I love singshot but this sounds like it’s a better place to go for synching. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  8. baboons150

    Still have the one left? I’m dying to ditch the lag time issues at singshot and get with a better system. thanks!

  9. Tony

    Hi; do you still have invitations for singsnap? I just discovered a singer in the Nashville Songs competition whose song I loved, who says she has more songs on SingSnap, but they need you to be invited – hence my google search, and discovery of your name!

    If you do still have any, I would be overjoyed if you could send me one. Thanks!

    Tony x

  10. Rich Freeman

    Right, singshot drove me nuts with the sync problem…you sing your guts out getting it just right and in perfect sync and after you save the song the playback sounds like you are a measure or two ahead of or behind the accompaniment…maybe it works if you have a higher connection speed than my slow DSL line. Would like to try singsnap if you have any invites left. It is a nice concept though and if anyone gets it right I think it will really be a hit.

  11. tehki

    Hey I found you on google too and do you have any of those invites left???? If so, I would absolutely LOVE one!!!!!!!

    (I’m on singshot too and it has lots of problems, so I would be forever indebted if you could hook me up!!)

    Thank you!!!

  12. rosevibe Post author

    t’is done.

    I’m down to 3 now so any other googlers best hold out their sticky little paws quicksharpish πŸ˜†

  13. gray b

    I’d like an invite to singsnap if you can spare one, please!!
    Thanks in anticipation

  14. Lorne Culp

    I would love to get an invite to SingSnap. I have heard so much about it and I too am frustrated that SingShot seems to be all there is out there. They never update their songs and I want something new to sing even though I am god awful. πŸ™„

  15. rosevibe Post author

    Hello Shannon and Ellie, invites are clogging your mailbox as I type, check junk mail too if you don’t see ’em straight off..

  16. Shannon

    I would love an invite too. I spent a lot of time with singshot, but one of my best friends there just left because admin adjusted his ratings to let other people be on top..they even told him they did it..

    It just isn’t the same anymore.. I have also noticed the lag problem.

    If you have any left.. pretty please?

  17. Ellie Taylor

    I also found this site after searching on google for help with SingShot’s delay problem – it’s a great site but it’s just too irritating to hear a recording that’s out of sync! Is there any way I could also get an invite for SingSnap? From all these posts it sounds like a great site, I’d love to try it out! Thanks.

  18. connie

    πŸ˜€ hi..just wanted to know if u still have an invitation for singsnap? Right now im trying to record on singshot, but they dont have many songs i know..if u can still spare an invite, itll be greatly appreciated! thanx much..

    Hey Connie, t’is done – I got myself another account just so I could issue more invites *grin* people keep finding this post so it seemed only fair.. this means I’ve 9 invites to go for the next lucky candidate..
    Just stop by and introduce yourself on the site so I can come listen.

  19. Howard

    Hi: If you still have any Singsnap invites I would appreciate your sending one to me. Thanks in advance.

    T’is done, enjoy m’love!

  20. Beau

    Hi, I found this post on Google, and would like an invite. I’ve been using Singshot for about a week. While I love their design, they do have a few syncing issues as described above. I’d like to compare the two.

    T’is done m’lovely – enjoyΒ 

  21. rosevibe Post author

    Right – there’s 5 more invites in the pot from my end, any more for any more?

    Now down to three.. best be quick if you wanna singsnap πŸ˜›

  22. Karen

    If you have any invites left, could I have one? I’m frustrated by the delay issue with Singshot too.. πŸ™


    Sho’ ting Karen, consider it done, let me know when you start recording so I can come for a looksee πŸ˜€Β 

  23. Preston

    Hey, was just googlin around wondering if there was some sort of site like that, may I have an invite please?

    Of course you can m’dear, just send me a message or leave a comment when you join so I can come listen πŸ˜‰

  24. Sally

    I’d love an invite too. I’m currently on singshot, but it’s pretty lacking in features. πŸ™

    If you’re on singshot, I go by Sallyk.

    Invite headed your way m’dear.. I’ve 7 leftΒ  if anyone’s interested..?Β 

  25. kjellvis

    Ok. There we are. The best thing about singsnap is that it records “what you hear” instead of just your voice. That way the mixing is done on your end, not their. And that way the vocals and backing track will ALWAYS sync up. YES! With singshot, only your voice is recorded and it’s superimposed in the backing track on their end. ..and being on the other side of the atlantic, all the way up in Norway, that means a lot of little electronic hops and jumps my voice has to do. That always means a recording out of sync. πŸ™

    Still. Singsnap has more songs, but some of the backingtracks are horrible midi-synthetic cr*p so that doesn’t really count. I tried a search for Dean Martin and was not impressed. So Singshot wins on quality, but not quantity.

    Also, Singsnaps tracks are in mono. Singshot is in stereo and generally better sounding, so again a win for the latter. They also categorize the songs better, and the look and feel of their site doesn’t feel so …home made.

    Singsnaps foolproof way of recording wins the day, but watch out. If Singshot can fix the sync/delay issues they have once they are out of beta, then Singsnap will have little to offer.

    Thanks again for the invite! Now I can make a fool out of myself in perfect sync πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the breakdown, I know what you mean about the ‘home made’ feel of the site, it lacks something in the organisation sense of things, the messageboard is a tad on the clunky side and they do need to tweak a few of the basic features like searches, but all in all – I like it, I really do look forward to the ‘live’ version of the site. It fills a void in my life at present *grin*

  26. kjellvis

    I’d love an invite. Been trying my luck with singshot (not snap) but for some resaon the vocals almost never saves in sync with the backing tracks. Maybe singsnap has a better system for us who dont live on the internet backbone.

    I’ve not used singshot but i’ve heard people compare singsnap favourably to it so who knows, invites sent, let me know what you think πŸ˜‰Β 

  27. kate

    Hi, I would love to join singsnap. Like singing a lot. could you forward me an invite?? Thanks a lot!

    T’is done m’love, enjoy!

  28. stef

    What ya mean? That track with my vocal howls in the background was the best work your ever likely to see or hear ever in this or many other parallel Universe!

  29. exseno

    It all sounds like fun, for younger people then me. lol

    Heh, you must be WAY old then m’lovely – there’s people claiming to be 99 on there, and some of ’em i’d believe from the videos!Β 

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