Horses in costume

That’s what I’m off to see this evening. I’ll be at the trafford centre by 4pm so we can buy our tickets for the 5pm show. I’m guessing we’ll go straight to karaoke from there since it’s Kay and Rob I’m accompanying to see the spirit of the horse.

The last theatrical show I saw was the Jerry Springer opera with Sketch, that was fun (although a tad uncomfortable to watch in places) I did want to go and see Wicked but no bugger would go with me when I had the money *sniff* I wouldn’t mind going to see Avenue Q or the wedding singer musical (when that gets here) Legally blonde could be interesting but I doubt it’ll make it’s way across the pond, Spamalot could be fun and.. well, I could go on for ages, suffice to say I like musicals *grin*

I’ve also found a place that does Tai-chi near here so hopefully i’ll be taking that up (funds allowing) Nicola was talking about us starting up salsa dancing but I think that may be a bit above my level as far as energy and activities go (which sucks, I love dancing) but Tai-chi should be do-able, it also means I may start meeting some like-minded females if I get out and do this stuff, maybe living here won’t seem quite so bad then..

I’m going to give the driving instructor another bell tomorrow and try to re-schedule the lesson (now that I’m back to being the adorable as opposed to evil twin)

Rightio, best sort out lunch. Hope you all have as much fun this evening as i’m hoping to!

4 thoughts on “Horses in costume

  1. Sketch

    “I did want to go and see Wicked but no bugger would go with me when I had the money.”
    Oi-oi! I’d see it again in a heartbeat. Avenue Q is teh awesome as well.

    Tai Chi is great if/when you practice it reglularly. That discipline thing is a bee-otch.

    Well, when I once again have the cashola I shall have to give you a bell and beg floor space *grin*

  2. K. Restoule

    Aren’t you the socialite. Going to see all these shows. I’m just glad that I never saw “Rent”.

    Heh, you misread me babe, I haven’t seen ’em – YET! i will though, at some point..

  3. Steve

    I wasn’t aware that the Trafford Centre had a Theatre???

    I should have been going out for a Gluten Free fish and chip supper with a rather beautiful lady but I haven’t had a good week with the M.E., and then my lady friend had an horrendous day yesterday (vomiting at both ends!). Meal cancelled.

    Trafford doesn’t have a theatre, they’ve set up a circus tent on peel avenue car park.
    As to the fish supper *hugs* commiserations m’dear, hope the lovely lady and yourself are both up to a raincheck sometime soon.. You’d best hope she doesn’t read this though, one thing admitting to such indignity yourself quite another having the love of your life spill their guts *grin*

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