I got a call at the nth hour last night to join Kay for karaoke, it was a fun night – although I did walk into the pub just as a drunk was heaving a chair at a disabled guy.. Gotta love the locals in Swinton.

Anyhow, the police showed up about 30 seconds later and kicked him out, the karaoke commenced only 30 minutes later than normal with the atmosphere settling down into the more usual laid back affair (it’s rarely electric at the bull, it’s either kicking off or chilled out) and Rone (KJ) spent the rest of the night referring to disabled guy as a troublemaker and Lou (landlady) as the Sheriff at the OK corall, in and around his usual ‘that was utter shite’ ‘god help us but it’s Kay up next’ and the like..

I didn’t get to do ‘The devil went down to Georgia’ because there just wasn’t enough time, I did however manage a cracking rendition of Limp Bizkits ‘Take a look around’ (mission impossible II theme) I know it was a corker because the guys all pulling their faces at the back of the room actually applauded when I came to sit down *grin* my ego has been happily fed – although the gay lass who sat in my seat while I was singing ‘alone’ to stare at me in open mouthed wonder and then wouldn’t move because she had to tell me for over 5 minutes that I’ve got an amazing voice and I should ‘be on X-Factor or summat’ kinda made me want to curl up and die, say it once by all means and then note the cringing embarrassment about my posture and leave the subject alone godammit! Oh – and get out of my chair!
I know I’ve got a good voice, but the amount of practice I’ve done over the years and the number of bands I’ve been in kinda dictate that to be the case, to say otherwise is false modesty and an outright lie – but it’s not an AMAZING voice and I don’t need to have someone I don’t know argue the case LOUDLY when all I want to do is listen to the next person up singing and enjoy the night.

Still, I guess my goddesslike demeanour was a tad overpowering for the poor lass *grin* perhaps I should cut her some slack, she was pretty drunk after all and her mates were trying to drag her away, of course she’d like to stay and shine in my reflected glory (PMSL) Who wouldn’t..?

It has fueled my need to find more karaoke folks though *sigh* it would be a hell of a lot easier if I lived ‘dahn sowf’ I already have a karaoke network down Surrey way, up here I have no clue where to start. Ah well, perhaps I should’ve been nicer to gay lass last night, unfortunately I’m not good talking to drunk people – especially when embarrassed.
You’d never believe I was a bouncer for 6 years.. Where has all my patience gone?

2 thoughts on “KAAAAAAAAAaaraoke!

  1. K. Restoule

    A Karaoke Network? Next thing you know you’ll be looking for a Karaoke search engine,

    Now there’s a thought.. Can you imagine? ‘sing your query into the mic..’ LOL 

  2. exseno

    I’ve never done the Karaoke thing but I have been around a lot of drunks in my life and I just smile, shine them on and leave them as gracefully and as soon as possible. lol

    Exenso m’darlin you HAVE to do karaoke at least once in your life, I insist. Just make sure you go to a smallish local to do it so you can people watch with pleasure – it brings out all the characters. 

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