karaoke heaven

You see, on the one hand I’m missing out on the fantastic company of my in-laws (and obviously the love of my life since he’s there without me) on the other, it’s been non-stop karaoke here this weekend.

I went to the bull on thursday with Kay, that was great fun because there was quite a crowd of us this week, the pregnant lass was giving me loads of stick for always singing stuff they’d never heard of (she is only 19 though, not my fault if she wasn’t born when half the stuff I do came out..) so I did bog standards for a change. Had to leave early though, the CFS was rearing it’s ugly head and I needed my bed.

Friday, again because of the CFS crap, I spent most of the day reading and chilling out – though I did fit in a little singsnap here and there. Even got the webcam working so NOW I have a couple of videos up *grin* I was starting to get a tad frustrated with that aspect of the site, turns out realplayer was interfereing and shockwave needed re-installing, so I uninstalled realplayer (I never use it anyway) and away I went, much fun!

Yesterday was brilliant though, had a flyby visit from my mate Dave en route to manchester airport and then in the afternoon dad came to get me. We went to the 16th birthday of one of his mates daughters, they’ve all known me since I was born – a few of ’em actually changed my nappies (a fact I was reminded of a few times last night) and it was no surprise to walk in and see all dads cronies in the house.
Now, when he’d issued the invitation to me I was under the impression that they’d hired a room somewhere and that it’d be this lass and all her mates plus a few of dads mates. Not so, we went to scottys house and as we went out to the back I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the lass – it was basically a house full of her dads mates and a smattering of aunts, cousins and grandparents thrown in for good measure.

The sympathy was obviously misplaced though – it turns out they hold these parties at least twice a year and her being 16 this weekend was just an added excuse for another one, she was in her element! You cannot beat karaoke for a good time *grin* the birthday girl and her cousins did some cracking tunes. My dad, of course, hogged the mic as much as possible (he actually forbade me from getting up again after my first song, he was over ridden though – they all wind him up about me being the better singer *grin* gets a rise every time) Even Johnny got up and had a go – karaoke virgins RULE *grin* The rain didn’t dampen anyones spirits either, when the downpour really kicked in Scotty just shifted all the equipment off the porch and into the kitchen and they were going on well after we left.. I’d pity the neighbours if they weren’t in there with ’em.

I got back from a lazy day at dads today about 9pm and have been chilling since. These kind of weekends rule! The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been for Stef to be here with me – but that’s purely on a selfish level, I think last night would have been pure hell for him lol he’d have fit in well, he’s a social chameleon is my baby, but karaoke is really not his cuppa tea.

3 thoughts on “karaoke heaven

  1. Jay

    I wish I could hear you.
    I stay away from karaoke, generally because people will pull you and push you into singing, and truly, TRULY, I have a terrible voice.

    But after a couple of drinks, somehow it always seems like a good idea to treat the room to a hearty rendition of Yellow Submarine.

    Or is that just me?

  2. mojo shivers

    I love karoake. We’re going to have to make a singing date one of these days, Miss Vics.

    Hey – anytime you’re in the UK Pat you’re ON! 

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