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I, as a few of you already know, absolutely adore going to a karaoke, not just because I can sing (although I’ve been accused of this in the past) but because of the atmosphere a great karaoke can bring. It’s not all about THE BOOK and getting up, although having a cracking selection of songs is important, but it’s the KJ and the other punters who can make or break a night.

I’ve been to karaokes that had a great book and a brilliant selection of singers – but the KJ was useless, one in particular sticks out. She’d play about 3 songs in between getting people up and she never started on time which led to the crowd getting restless and in some cases a tad antsy when she then appeaerd to play favourites by getting the same three people up (me amongst them) over and over again leaving some not getting a chance at the mic at all.

You can’t play favourites at a karaoke, it’s not the done thing – I actually stopped going to that one because wheres the fun in having a sing and a laugh if you’re the only one doing it? Karaoke is not supposed to be about being a great singer, I actually hate it if only good singers get up because then it’s pretty boring – especially since most great singers only do one or two songs over and over ad nauseum.
There is an art and a talent to karaoke singing, you need to be a quick reader, you have to have pretty good relative pitch and above all else you need to enjoy it and not take things too seriously – who cares if there’s a bit of feedback or some static in your song, you’re not in a recording studio and you’re not auditioning for Simon Cowell (thank god!) You’re supposed to be on a night out with friends taking the micky out of yourself and having a laugh in the process.
That’s why I’ll do practically anything, rap/ blues/ oldies/ metal you name it and as long as it’s not something I personally love I’ll give it a go (you can’t in good conscience murder something you love – especially not in front of an audience) You need a good rotation of singers to build an atmosphere, if I feel that’s lacking in a night then I’ll at least try and keep the song selection eclectic!

I’ve found a fairly decent site that has a good karaoke venue search on it – sadly it doesn’t have many in my area – I may have to submit a few for them. I just wish there was a decent karaoke social scene up here. I used to belong to a forum mainly populated by londoners and I met some really cool people on there, sadly London is a little far for me to go for a night out so I’m stuck here.
Trying to find lasses to go to a karaoke with in manchester is not the easiest of tasks I can assure you. When I lived closer to the city centre I used to go out by myself and just meet up with whoever happened to be out – after a while if you become a regular you get to know other regulars. Sadly it’s been a long time since I was a regular patron of anywhere so I’ve kinda lost contact with a lot of people and these days I’m not confident enough to go out on my own.. It’s a bit of a pisser to be honest.

I still love heading out for a night of song and laughter, unfortunately the opportunities to do so are few and far between. Stef will come with me, but I know he’s only there because he loves me – karaoke is only fun if you’re with like-minded people and Stef, easy going and great company though he is, is not a karaoke lover.

Perhaps I should resort to advertising in the paper? *grin* Or better yet, move down south where I can bully my best mate into meeting me once a week for a sing song with the aforementioned forum inhabitants.

It’s been over a month since I had a sing and I’m getting withdrawels to the point of considering sitting in the bull this evening by myself – except I know I wont, I’m too much of a pansy to sit in a corner like a Billy by myself, I’d probably consider it more if I didn’t know some people in there, but there’s awkwardness between me and one of the staff and sitting alone when I don’t know anyone is preferable to sitting alone and having people I know gossip about me behind my back..

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  1. Clive

    Originally known as “The Random Pub Generator” the website was developed to solve the age-old problem of deciding where to go out for a drink in the evening, how to invite everyone and how to know who is coming and who isn’t.

    Basically you set up a shortlist of favourite pubs (or clubs, restaurants etc), add a list of friend’s email address and choose a date and time. Invitations are sent out with a link so everyone can RSVP easily and see who else is going. The neatest thing is that the venue is selected at random, at the time the invitations are sent out, from the list given. The date can be recurring so you can have it go off automatically every week, choosing a different pub each time.

    The RSVP page is great as everyone can leave messages for each other to arrange where to meet, explain why they’ll be late, or worse of all, why they’re not coming!

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