Reawakening the lonely post

That’s the post title on the Family web watch blog where I got tagged for this meme, why was I tagged there? I ‘unno, I read his other blog – the me and my drum one.

Still, shouldn’t take me long to do this *grin* I’m to pick a few posts that seem to have been ‘unpopular’ but that I quite liked,

Now then..

Lets go waaaaaaay way back eh?! Now this one is an amusing tale from way back when I used to work as a ‘bouncer’ that’s right, diminutive lil me. I loved that job, I worked there for 6 years and only stopped when this damned illness kicked in.

The next offering I have for you is a piece of creative writing inspired by the Bob character from Twin peaks. I remember feeling quite chuffed with this as I hit the ‘post’ button.

Then of course we have the whole divorce thing, now i’m not pointing this one out because i’m particularly proud of the piece, I’m pointing to it because I think this is something that sadly a lot of people can relate to.

And there you have my three (well, actually he never said what the required number was for the meme but I like three, it’s a cracking number)

Now for this I am going to pass the torch, firstly to Master K because he has some gems in his archives and I would like to see the ones he wished had more attention when he wrote them, along with Kelly (assuming she gets a chance) and obviously Vixen of the bad girls guide – her archives are sooooo made for this type of meme!

3 thoughts on “Reawakening the lonely post

  1. K. Restoule

    Nice, but too bad you didn’t link to the pic with you in “the jacket”. Oh and you linked to the bouncer post twice.

    Thanks for the link heads up m’dear, i’ve fixed it now – just shows how messed my head is of late that I didn’t check ’em *sigh* ah well, i’ll get there. and i’m not scouting for straitjacket pics *grin* you wanna see ’em you go look yourself!

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