I’m really loving the singsnap experience. Have spent most of this afternoon in the chatroom, it’s LITERALLY karaoke in your front room, everyone takes it in turn to sing a song – we had a bit if a Beatles thing going on at one point started by Chris from Masachusetts, mucho fun – especially since Stef decided to give up and join in when it was my turn to sing.

I did ‘saw her standing there’ of course, he didn’t sing.. Oh no. Not Stef.
He decided, since we were on webcam and all, that he should nip into the cupboard and pull out his elvis wig, he then started capering around behind me in such a fashion I was hard pressed to do anything for laughing. As were the other chatroom inhabitants..

It’s great fun, I don’t have to go out to do karaoke any more – I can do it in my front room *grin* the list of reasons for leaving the house is getting shorter by the day, bowling and golf – I have the wii. Karaoke, I have SingSnap.
Oh technology, how I love thee..

6 thoughts on “SingSnap

  1. butterflyprincess

    hi hi love to start adding osme songs but not sure how to get my cam to work …any advice ..have a sweet day .. butterfly princess

    Aloha butterfly princess!

    I’d like to help but my cam seems to work as and when it chooses on there. I did find that it worked a few times after I re-installed shockwave player, shut down all none-essential processes and cleared my cache/ history/ cookies in the web browser.

    Sadly my pc is running like a 2-legged dog at the moment and singsnap has reverted to sending me the ‘shockwave performed illegal op’ message again so i’ll wait till after my windows re-install before recording anything else..

  2. Mike

    If you love SingSnap and the singing live experience, there is a SingSnap karaoke room on the chat program Paltalk ( Lots of Snappers have started going there to share there latest recordings or sing one live, it’s really fun why don’t you come join us. Every day from 3pm EST.

    OOOhhh.. ANOTHER karaoke chatroom *grin* i’m happy but my blokes gonna HATE you for telling me that Mike *grin* cheers! 

  3. Jay

    I was wondering the same thing myself, K!
    Is that a staple at your house?

    And since I just joined facebook yesterday…how exactly do I go about finding you?

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