Begging vampires.. So uncool.

I’ve realised I’m a nice person.

No.. Really. Stop laughing! I am. I have proof.

My werewolf received an email from a high yield victim (vampire) to ‘plz stop attacking me’ and I was hit with a stomach churning sense of guilt – even though the whole point of the game is for me to hunt and attack members of the other species.

I still feel guilty actually, I’ll not attack today (but I will tomorrow *grin* he’ll have more gold then, can’t have him getting a better weapon can I?)

You see I said I was a nice person, not a REALLY nice person *grin* I may feel a twinge of guiltyness everytime I hit this guy for the gold he’s hoarding, but hey! I got belted every other day by someone when I started out and I didn’t whinge to them! I went on the forum boards and learned how to play crafty, I learned how to protect my gold and the best way to build up my character – appeals for mercy are just a low blow.

It’s taken away a little enjoyment of the game for me – even though it states on his profile sheet that he’s in the 20-25 age range, I just picture some 9 year old kid crying his heart out because he can’t get his shiny new sword..  I so do not have the killer instinct *sigh*

I remember how frustrating it was to have finally saved just enough for a new sword/ better hideout/ sentinel only to have the same person hit me again and again just before I got those last few golds and made the purchase. But the thought of messaging that person and begging for a reprieve never even crossed my mind, it’s all part of the game.

Part of me wants to go ‘ok, sorry i’ll stop’ but the main part of me is pissed that he put me in the position of feeling like that and wants to milk him for every gold he has – after all, I’ve been lenient up to now, I only hit him 4 times in the last 2 weeks – most people go to a cash cow every day! Gah!
I sent him a response with tips and hints on ways to protect his gold but a warning that I’ll still be back until either he has none or I’m sick of not being able to fight because he’s ‘protected’ it was either that or stop attacking him and Stef laughed at me when I suggested doing that (and I gotta say, I agreed with him) this guy gives me between100-250 golds every time I attack him, that means I can up my stats REALLY quickly and avoid being hit so often myself.

Yup, he’s going down. I’m just not as gleeful about it as I was yesterday..

2 thoughts on “Begging vampires.. So uncool.

  1. K. Restoule

    what a WIMP!!! If this guy doesn’t like being killed by another player, then he shouldn’t be playing a PVP (player vs. player) game. Sheesh.

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