Blogging is definitely the new sex.

You see, my previous post was just a fly by thought, since then a few more things have occurred to me that tend to confirm that thought as a valid one.

I think there are three types of people where sex and blogging are concerned:

  1. People who prefer sex to blogging.
    These people may have a blog, but they’ll have been coerced into starting it by some friend or acquaintance, after a few weeks or months it’s fallen along the wayside as they concentrate on more tangible things – like sex.
  2. People who prefer blogging to sex.
    Within the blogosphere they are happy and to hit that post button brings a little frisson of satisfaction that’s hard to beat. Everything is seen with a view to how best to blog it and their reading list is ‘the length of a babys arm’ a social life is just something they have to fuel their incessant need to blog, they post from mobile phones, internet cafes and keep a wealth of posts to one side so that on the rare occasion their attention is claimed by something else, the blog will not suffer – and they’ll <em>always</em> be back – even after they quit and say ‘never again’.
  3. People who love both equally.
    These people tend to be the ones who combine both passions, yes, these are the sex bloggers. From dating advice to outright porn, these individuals are happy day in and out as they search for the perfect image to accompany the write up of their latest sexperience.

But wait, there’s more..

These are in fact the virtual equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease. Ok, Ok, ‘fact’ may be the wrong word to use for the pedants amongst you, but you have to admit it’s a decent simile; they’re pretty viral and they spread from blog to blog the same way an STD spreads from person to person, you show a little love, some intimate contact and look – a meme appears with your name on it.

People tart up their blogs with the most pleasing templates they can find and add many plugins and widgets (the virtual equivalent of make-up and plastic surgery) all with the aim of making them more attractive.. Why? so that people will visit and interact – some people even spend more time on tarting up their blogs than they do themselves (see person type #1)

The blogroll is almost like the notches in the bedpost with Technorati, Alexa and all their ilk reading like the HELLO! magazine of the blog world “..and look who’s linking up with rosevibe today..” even the link terms are sexually related (link-whoring, showing some link-love etc) so it’s an impossible observation to escape once it’s been pointed out to you.

Blogging is sex.

Now, this post may sound as though a great deal of thought has been expended upon the subject, that’s really not the case – I’m not a deep thinker *grin* but seriously, after reading this can you honestly say that at least one small part of you isn’t nodding in agreement? 😉

7 thoughts on “Blogging is definitely the new sex.

  1. Cliff

    Ok Vic, you’ve sold me. Blogging, and especially the way bloggers interact is very much like sex. I also can’t help thinking about the way “link love” from a popular site gives you a bump in popularity yourself… Sounds a little like high school to me.

  2. debambam

    Oh I’m loving your thinking Vics!!! I can totally see this theory taking off….I’m trying to figure out which one is me! I love sex and blogging equally, but use the makeup/widgets for MY benefit…no one elses.
    Of course EVERYTHING we do revolves around sex, or rather reproduction…but thats a whole other post!

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