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I know I’ve mentioned freecycle before, it’s a website where people post items they’re giving away on a first come first served basis. I’m a member of the manchester board and in this mornings digest there was a corker of a wanted ad:


Sat Jun 9, 2007 12:10 am (PST)

I know this is a really bizarre request and will probably tax Freecycle to
its limit but….

Does anyone have a Life Sized Cardboard Ex Shop Display Picture of Carol
Vorderman, or something similar, going spare? Or even someone who looks like
Carol Vorderman but must be wearing clothes!

Its for some work related challenge for a relative and at some point funds
raised, if any, will go to some charities. So any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

I am happy to travel anywhere within about 50 miles from Manchester so it
does give some scope and hopefully increases the chance of success.

Let the fun begin!

This really quite tickled me and I wish I could help the guy, since I don’t have access to this type of thing, I wondered if any of you lovely people out there may have and if so – I can forward your offer to the dude and see if he’s still interested or you just email him yourself
That being said though, I’ve never yet managed to ‘win’ anything I’ve put in for on the site – from golf clubs to beading materials to books and pictures, I never seem to get in there quick enough. I wonder, have any of you managed to get something for nothing from freecycle or other sites of this nature?

2 thoughts on “Freecycle funny

  1. Joyce Richardson

    I agree that it is hard to win things on freecycle too. i cannot even win things in my own vicinity! I don’t drive so the only things I can go for are in my immediate vicinity. I find it infuriating, when something I have applied for, is then put back on again, with in hours and sometimes minutes by the person that won it, and is miles away with the words, “received from other Freecycler but have not time to use it” or something similar. Also I think there must be a lot of people pretending they want something for a charity, as they know they go top of the list if they say that. As I am very poor, and I am genuinely poor, I beleive that charity begins at home. Esspecially as all my clothes are from charity shops and they make money from the poor like me!

  2. Mark

    oi oi Miss Stringer

    long time no speak

    I like the new Blog look

    you are one with the code

    I saw this loon on Freecycle too – I dread to think what indignities she would have to suffer. Two from the top and one from the bottom I imagine [/fnarr]

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