m’a bad girl.

Well, not bad, just rude.
I was just the ‘victim’ of a sales caller – apparantly some of those surveys I participated in led to my number being given out *mental note, if they ask for your number stop doing the survey*

Anyhow, this poor lad called Jack was on the line telling me about some fantastic cross stitch offer – that’s right, somehow they got the feeling that because i’d expressed an interest in ‘homecrafts’ I was into knitting and stitching – how wrong could they be eh?! Why is it that you mention homecrafts and that’s all they ever talk about?!


Anyhow, before poor Jack got any further than “we have a fantastic offer on cros-” I said, “sorry love can you just bear with me a minute” and put the handset on the arm of the chair. I then went back to my computer and continued reading the article said phonecall had interrupted. A few minutes later I thought I heard the ‘click’ so bimbled back across, checked, found dead air from the other end and put the phone back on it’s cradle.

Now i’m sat listening to Stef oohhing and ahhing as he ‘saves all the Bambies‘ it’s quite sad really..

Anyhow, there is further proof in the offing that i’m never going to get my driving licence: I’m supposed to have had 2 driving lessons this week – both have been cancelled. Someone really has a thing against me getting behind the wheel. If next weeks lessons also go the way of the pear I’m throwing in the towel and spending my savings on a haircut and new clothes.

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