Princess Leia’s metal bikini

Oh yeah – that’s a heading to grab your attention isn’t it? Men!

Actually, this post has been prompted by a link my fave Ubuntu tech posted on twitter, it had me doing an idle search for a costume after joking to Stef about maybe doing that for the next fancy dress party we attended.

Now.. I’ve looked through most of the links on Leia’s metal bikini and I’ve come to the conclusion that even if I could by some miracle find one in my size – it’d look way too daft, I’m cursed ‘blessed’ in the chest department so even if I got my budha belly in trim, I’d still look like I was about to keel over from the weight of all that metal..

What..? you want proof?

*mutter* *grumble* Fine!

K, here’s the Lara Croft pic you love so much..

me as lara croft

the proof

..and now you see why I rarely get my legs out – look at the state of those knees! I had to greyscale ’em – you’d go blind otherwise, i’m so white I’m blue! Apparently..
Now for the side view.. I keep a ‘belly’ for a reason, if I didn’t have belly flab I’d look even more off kilter than this!

So there you have it, even if I could find the outfit in my size at a price I could afford – it’d ruin many a male fantasy and because I love you guys I just couldn’t do it to ya’s.
I’m all heart me aren’t I?

4 thoughts on “Princess Leia’s metal bikini

  1. stef

    I heard the joke on the radio the other day that there was a Star Wars Convention going on at the Town Hall with a fancy dress competition…… in that competition there are no winners or losers, just losers!

  2. Steve


    Get’em out for the boys!

    Marks out of ten, I’ll give you one anytime. 🙂

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