To Laura-Jane & Allan.

Lj and AllanIt was an absolutely fabulous wedding on Sunday – so fabulous in fact that it’s taken me until today to recover from it *grin*

The minister said those magical words ‘Could you please be upstanding for the entrance of the bride’ and so we all stood, then waited, and waited.. after about five minutes she said she’d just pop out to see what the hold up was – this led to much nervous speculation and plenty of ribbing directed at poor Allan who looked to be on the verge of tears before the minister came back in and took her place.
Lj came through the doors looking positively radiant and the relief in the poor lads eyes was eclipsed by awe as he took her in.

The ceremony was moving – as it should be. The bride and groom, both nervous and failing to hide it, caused many an indulgent chuckle to run around the room as they stumbled through the vows. They were holding hands as if they were both drowning and the other person was all that was keeping them afloat, you couldn’t mistake the genuine love between them, it was a privilege to witness it.

The ‘wedding breakfast’ was pretty damned fine, you can’t beat tasty food – though calling a 3pm steak dinner ‘breakfast’ seemed a tad on the odd side but I guess that’s what ‘posh folks’ do eh!? Speaking of posh.. We scrubbed up pretty well for the day, even if I do say so myself.

I know.. I should really get some sun, believe it or not – I actually used some of that ‘tanning moisturiser’ and I’m caked in foundation, without those cosmetic touches I’d look like a corpse.. (Not a good wedding look methinks..) Let’s just blame it on the lighting eh?!

But look at those eyebrows. Go on.. Do they look a little ‘different’ to you? Not quite as straight and bushy as usual are they? They look almost unnatural in fact. That’s right, (Kelly – you will feel my pain on this point after reading that guest post I did for you)

I now know the slight discomfort that is tweezing. In all honesty it was nowhere near as bad as I’d thought it would be – but I still got bullied into it by my stepmum, Stef did nothing to help me wriggle out of it and dad.. Well, no point looking in that quarter when a film is on, I wouldn’t mind but I wanted to watch the film too! *sniff*

Anyhow, I have to eat my words, it does make quite a difference. I can’t promise I’ll keep on top of things because I’m just not girly girl enough, but it doesn’t in fact hurt quite as much as I’d thought and the end effect is quite pleasing – but I’ll never wax, plucking is as far as I’ll go on the home torture front.

Anyhow.. I could talk about the speeches and how Allan reduced the room to tears by breaking up after the first few lines of his (he was just an emotional wreck all day, it was kinda sweet) and I could tell you all about the lass who ended up pole dancing around the singers mic stand at the evening reception.. But no instead I’ll just say it was a fabulous day followed by a fun evening. As family do’s go it’s right up there amongst the best of ’em.

I just hope the happy couple are having twice as much fun on their honeymoon in Mexico this week. Best wishes to ’em and much love.

5 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. stef

    I may be tempted into a frilly dress but the dowry has to be at least 4 goats and 2 acres of prime land for that.

  2. rosevibe Post author

    *grin* will you be doing the infamous ‘sock’ dance master K? look out for sharpened loons 😆

    HK – bite your tongue you evil wretch, I don’t do frilly ANYTHING!

    Pat, we surely did. was an absolute corker!

  3. HK

    so, you think you’ll ever do the frilly white dress thing again? or are you two happy with the ol’ status quo?

  4. K. Restoule

    Awww. Despite the plucking experience, it sounds like you had a great time. I have one of those wedding things to go to in the fall. We’ll see what happens then

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