Olfactory overload

I have a rather acute sense of smell that can, on occasion, cause problems.

Usually it’s while on public transport, squashed in among the general unwashed and fighting the urge to heave..

I don’t expect to find my nostrils assaulted in such a fashion at a driving range on a windy day though!
There we were enjoying a few rounds of top golf when 2 blokes came onto the bay beside ours – sadly upwind of us. The REEK of one of ’em was enough to make my eyes water and to add insult to injury he was also smoking. Stef noticed the smoke but it took a while for the B.O. to become as apparent to him as it had been from the instant of their first appearance to my poor abused nostrils.

I’m so glad that from today I’ll at least be spared cigarette smoke even if I cannot escape the pervasive stench of body odour.
Yup, today the (in my case) long awaited smoking ban comes into effect nationwide. No longer will Stef be able to avoid accompanying me to karaoke with the excuse “I’ll come back stinking” Now he’ll just have to be honest and say “I’d rather gouge out my eyes with celery than endure a night of drunkards howling tunelessly through a P.A. system”

But hey! At least I won’t come home smelling of stale ash and nastiness any more.

Now I’ll just wish Claire and Dave luck in their latest attempt to give up that disgusting addiction, going off past attempts it’s not going to be pretty..

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  1. z juerg

    hey there bitch, smokers have rights to. your fucked up nose is gisgusting you cunt. fuck off

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