Petty satisfactions

I know, I’m supposed to be working at becoming a better person yada yada yada. I can’t help it though.

I’m quite happily listening to the Jack Johnson CD blaring out from the bedroom (we moved the cd player in there as it’s directly over the neighbours bedroom) I don’t know these tunes as well as I’d like so i’m only singing along intermittently. Since our objectionable neighbour started playing music til 5am again and banging doors and shouting, we’vre been getting up early and responding in kind.. Well, minus the banging and shouting.

We don’t have to consider next doors feelings now you see, they’ve moved out and someone else has moved in who is almost as bad as him downstairs, they seem to be getting along quite well in fact so I’m especially glad we’re moving in a months time.

That’s right, moving – I’m sooooo happy. I can rest easy in the knowledge that the chances of having someone stabbed on my doorstep or thugs coming round to kick in the front door are less than slim. We’re moving to Bushey.

I’m currently running around like a blue arsed fly attempting to sort out funding for this course – even though I’ve not been able to apply for it yet, the clearing lines don’t open until Monday so I’m just operating on faith on the recommendation of the lovely lass at Minerva house.

It’s not a huge loss if I can’t get on the course though. I figure that I can use this academic year to do permitted work under the disability back to work scheme and re-do my maths GCSE and then re-apply for the course next year. Obviously I’d rather start on my desired course immediately – but if I can’t I can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s for a good reason.
It may be that some other opportunity will arise that I’d have missed by taking on this course, or I could have a total relapse and have more student debt without the benefit of a qualification to justify it.. Either way, what will be will be.

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  1. LOBO

    lol a blue arsed fly! never heard that, to funny 🙂 thanks for the compliment and you have a really nice site 🙂 feel free to come back anytime…

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