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Twitter is better than any of the social networking sites for finding like minded people to ‘talk’ to, it’s even good for finding random strangers to follow just for the sake of procrastination, The only problem is.. You then start ‘talking’ to those random strangers and develop a relationship of sorts.
As an example, when I first signed up with twitter I’d follow the public time line because of the novelty and a few comments piqued my interest enough to make me ‘follow’ a random stranger – that was Dan.

For a while after that it seemed everywhere I went online Dan of The wrong advices blog was a step ahead of me, he then introduced me to mybloglog and I amused myself by browsing the various blogs on offer there. I haven’t bothered with it for a while because other things caught my attention but today I was reminded of it (albeit indirectly) through twitter.

That’s right back to twitter. You see the person who indirectly reminded me of mybloglog was Nik aka loudmouthman, the guy who talked me into trying out ubuntu. I stalked him on twitter too – and it’s all the fault of Master K since he nagged me into signing up to the damned thing in the first place.

Anyhow, Nik posted a tweet linking to an online identity score (go ahead, just do it yourself and see what comes up, I apparently score ‘8’ both for my name and for rosevibe) It was while googling myself I came across this meme linking me.

Why am I linked on a blog I don’t recall stumbling across before? Because of mybloglog.com. You see how incestuous everything online is?

I met Master K through my original blogger blog several years ago and I count him a pretty good net friend due to our intermittent correspondence, he introduced me to twitter where I met both Dan and Nik, the latter being someone I greatly admire and can see becoming an RL friend in the not too distant future. Dan introduced me to mybloglog and Christy obviously found me there.

I wonder how long it would take me to find myself again just from following a random link from Christys blog? maybe someday when I’m bored enough I’ll have to see. For now, I have a meme to do – it seems only fair to do so after shouting to the world about it πŸ˜‰

These are the meme rules:

1: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves which others do not know about them.

2: People who are tagged need to write in their own blog and post these rules.

3: At the end of your 8 random facts post, you must select 8 more people and leave a message at their site that they have been tagged….

Hmmm.. First of all, it’s going to be tough writing something about me on here that you guys don’t know about (or can’t find out by trawling the archives) secondly that rule #3 is just begging to be broken, I’ll not perpetuate I’ll just participate.

So.. My 8 random facts or habits:

  1. I do my best not to bend/ crease the spine of any book I read and make sure to use something as a book mark rather than bending the pages over or placing an open book face down and flat – I HATE seeing people vandalise books in this fashion.
  2. I struggle with verbal conversation most days as I only take in half of what’s going on, not because I’m not listening but because I can’t process speech quickly enough and end up skimming what people say. This is why I like karaoke nights so much, I’m not required to talk a great deal or follow a conversation but I can still enjoy the atmosphere, sit with friends and have a sing.
  3. I like going to the theatre on the rare occasion I can justify the expense.
  4. I like walking around art galleries and spend a fair amount of time looking at pictures online.
  5. I have been between 9 and a half stone in weight for the last 12 years
  6. I can keep a bar of chocolate in the house for over a month and not eat it all. As long as I know it’s there I don’t get chocolate cravings.
  7. I don’t like receiving ‘smellies’ as gifts, soaps and toiletries are personal things and I like to get my own.
  8. When I’m thinking I press my fingers together in the ‘excellent’ fashion of Mr Burns and I don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time.

12 thoughts on “Random link love

  1. claire


    Glad to be of service! anyways I dont post unless I have something to say. I normally just enjoy reading and catching up on the mayhem of the vicsta!

    I just want to add its all vickys fault im fat! Before she used to come round with her bags of chocolate I was a healthy girl eating all the right foods ha ha ha ha ha

    Claire x

  2. Vics

    aha ha ha ha.

    Firstly, cheers Claire. You never bother to comment normally and now you’ve given Stef free rein to point and laugh for days. The chocolate feasts happened over 8 years ago! *sniff* but who will believe me now eh?! my credibility is shot to hell.

    K.. *shakes head* I may have to go and poke you now.. really REALLY hard.
    Stef. Don’t encourage him.

  3. stef

    K. you’ll never see carnage like it anywhere else. There will be limbs torn from the socket, eyes gouged out, faces distorted in so much pain but pure determination, it would be horrific. The tried it years ago but decided bear baiting and dog fights were a much civilised form of entertainment.

  4. K. Restoule

    Somehow when it comes to Chocolate. It’s a battle to the death. I want to fly over visit your home. Throw a Chocolate bar into the air and watch the Mayhem

  5. Claire

    I am going to stick up for Stef! you little fibber!
    I remember when you would come over my place loaded with bars of dairy milk and you would more than help me demolish it!!!!!

    Ok I’ll give it to you that you are better now! and you eat all that wierd strange muck now like apple crisps blugh!!!!!! (but i bet i could tempt you if i came round with a giant bar of dairy milk and you know it!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Claire xxx

    luv ya!

  6. Jay

    I think my brain twisted into a pretzel shape just trying to read the top paragraphs! Good thing you gave me something I could grab onto – Yes! Conversations about chocolate and books I can follow.

  7. Christy

    Hi, it’s me, lol, now I’m following you….uh oh.

    I love walking around art galleries too, but I can only last a few hours with chocolate in the house. I wish I had that kind of willpower!

    I love your blog, I’ll be back to drop in again soon. πŸ˜€

  8. Vics

    I’ll have you know young man – the only reason that chocolate is eaten within 4 days is because if i don’t eat it YOU will!

    I can leave it sat there, but it’s polite to share and once YOU knwo it’s around I can just wave it goodbye *humpf* men..

  9. stef

    you little fibber – bar of chocolate a month more like 4 days. The only reason chocolate stays in is if I put it on the high shelf that you can’t reach or it’s a hard toffee center that you don’t like.

  10. K. Restoule

    Has it been several years? Indeed it has. WOW!!! I always like how Twitter is MY FAULT. I could blame you for Facebook. I swore that i wouldn’t do the MySpace or Facebook thing but low and behold, You send me a Facebook invite. I guess i can’t say no to you.

    Oh I did the Online identity thing. I did it with my real name and i did bad, but after I did it with K. Restoule and I got a 9. Though there’s some jackass out there writing Book reviews in Amazon.com under K. Restoule. I WILL FIND HIM AND KILL HIM.

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