Saving the environment a card at a time

Nik aka loudmouthman has become my net pusher.

It’s true, I was thinking that perhaps I’ve joined up to enough sites now but no..

The latest site the git tricked me into joining (yes, tricked I had to sign up in order to respond) is pretty cool, for a bout of procrastination – and we all know I like procrastinating, but it’s his fault I’ve not been to get a hair cut yet..

What prompted this post though was a claim the aforementioned git made on Jyte:

Greeting and event cards are environmentally bad.

Even without reading his explanation you can’t help but agree with the statement. Not if you have a modicum of common sense at any rate. I agree, postcards, greeting cards, invitations and the like are lovely to receive but as far as preserving the environment goes.. Wouldn’t we be better off sending these things virtually?

Let’s face it, the ones you keep are few and far between, at most they reside on your mantelpiece/ noticeboard gathering dust for a week and then they end up in the bin headed to the nearest landfill (unless you have a chimnea or an allotment and save the stuff to burn) it’s been said many times that even councils who promote recycling have so much rubbish that it ends up being sent to landfill anyway because they don’t possess the funds or the means to actually recycle that volume of material.

So.. I won’t buy any more cards and I shall be asking people not to send me any unless it’s via email, invitations can be issued via text and email (you see, a use for email again – no need to declare email bankruptcy!) and who needs postcards when you have Flickr?

Obviously there is one person I will violate that decision for and that’s my gran. She is a technophobe of the highest order and waits for me to show up so she can read her texts (my evil aunt knows this and sends her the odd text just to wind her up) but I figure if everyone in the world picked just one person and stopped buying cards for everyone else.. Just think how much waste would be reduced – not to mention the energy saved from production, it’s a win win situation.

You save money (not to mention the time spent trying to find the ‘perfect’ card) the environment benefits and we cut energy consumption by at least 2% (I figure it’s got to be at least that much when you figure in all the card shops on top of the basic production and logistics usage)

ok, ok people who make cards as a hobby will complain, as will all the people whose jobs would then be defunct, but think of the planet people!

4 thoughts on “Saving the environment a card at a time

  1. Jay

    I admire your passion on behalf of the planet – but – well – sigh.

    As I writer, I guess I just feel there’s something lovely and romantic about a hand-written note. There is just something heart-fluttering about getting something in the mail. And for the record, I have not thrown out a single card since I was 13 (I scrapbook them).

  2. Crash

    listen to you…”modicum”…when did you get all fancy with the big words…life is good on this side of the pond, btw. not that you’d know cause we haven’t spoken in ages…my standing invitation (issued via email) to call you has gone ignored….i can’t imagine why, either….what keeps you so busy? i suppose i could send you that email i’ve been promising, but why, it’s more fun to break your balls…

    i said life is good, but i should revise that after watching “Sicko” last night….apparently the rest of the world (even poor little cuba) is living better than we are…if i send you my CV hon, can you find me a job in Manchester? i’m assuming “Sicko” isn’t showing yet in the-merry-old, so i definitely recommend you grab it off of the Pirate Bay…apparently Mr. Moore (michael, not roger) doesn’t mind….no word on how roger daltry feels about movie piracy…

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