Shell Island

I’ve discovered that I’m still not completely weaned away from my net addiction. We’ve been camping and not only did I have a complete lack of phone signal (which didn’t really bother me too much) but there was no internet – that did bother me.

I came home to a ton of emails, too many twitters to catch up on and the sense of missing out on ‘stuff’ – I hate missing out on things. *sniff* ah well, at least I ate well, got a tan (yup, I’ve temporarily lost my 31 year old pallor.. It’s disturbing) and some much needed exercise – and the first use of my ‘cripple badge’ as we’ve taken to calling it, I’m so glad I applied for it, not only does it save on parking fees but not having to walk for miles to get to the car when I’m feeling cack is worth its weight in gold!

We took many a photo (or at least Stef did) The ones he took in the slate mine made the place seem bigger and far more interesting than it actually was (not a ‘tour’ I’d recommend) but it was fun all the same due to the company we kept.

This picture however.. Every time I saw this cafe in Barmouth I had to chuckle, as Stef said, it’s not so much that the ‘C’ is missing leaving that rather amusing word in it’s place – it’s the fact that someone has taken the trouble of moving the ‘A’ over so that the amusing word is more apparent. arousal cafe in Barmouth

The last day was incredibly blustery, so much so that I had next to no sleep because the wind was tossing the tent around so much that I swear if we weren’t inside it the whole thing would have blown away – as it is it was like lying inside a snare drum with the sides thrumming away all night long. Stef of course had no problems – I swear that lad could sleep on a needle point through a hurricane! Obviously we had to pack up in the wind and the rain just to make life interesting – to be fair Stef did most of the work while I skulked about and hid in the car out of the weather (I’m such a wuss) there is video footage of our last night but we’re still trying to convert it to a format I can stick on here, once we have though *grin* you’ll see why it was such fun packing up – t’was a tad on the blustery side..

Anyhow, we were off the island by 10.20am on Saturday and heading home. We got in and booted up the pc’s so we could get in a quick net fix before crashing. After 3 hours kip we were up and getting ready again because we were booked into the casino for a meal with dad and co as it was my brothers birthday. Richard and Louise had traveled up from Daventry for the weekend and Robert joined us so it was a cracking night.

Stef even had a bit of a flutter on the roulette, I went from rolling my eyes to being reet chuffed, he started with £20 and came away with £175! My man’s a lucky one that’s for sure, I don’t think anyone else did as well from our party. Mind you – it’s getting to be a bit of a pain now, at any of my family do’s I spend the night having to listen to everyone tell me how great Stef is – like I didn’t already know that LOL

Still, I guess it’s good to know we have the universal seal of approval eh?!

4 thoughts on “Shell Island

  1. debambam

    I tried staying away from just blogging for two weeks and couldn’t do that…although I did still use the net. I’m totally lost without it!!! The phone I could live without, like you, but not the net. Told Tony didn’t matter where we were posted as long we had the net 😛
    LMFAO at that pic too!
    Cheers, Kelly

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