Who do you follow and why do you do it?

I’ve spent most of the evening writing and re-writing a question on twitter over at the socialset blog and this post is kind of an addendum to it..

At first I only followed the person who had told me about Twitter (wagnerdepower) and I’d look at the public time line only occasionally; quite frankly it bored me – until Twittervision came on the scene.
That made it more interesting, I’m still not sure why, but without that perspective I’d have given Twitter up as a waste of time after the first week and would never have realised what a rich and wonderful thing it truly is.

While watching the public time line I found I was ‘favouriting’ Sizemores every other comment and so took the next step of actually following him, he was then the second person I followed on Twitter and the first person I have ever knowingly ‘virtually stalked’
(sounds bad but it’s the best phrase to describe how digital eavesdropping on perfect strangers can lead to googling and information collection – I would hasten to add that this was perfectly harmless and the poor boy can sleep in peace knowing I will never come calling in the dead of night – also that any bunny rabbits he may happen to possess will have no fear of the pot from me..)

I ‘met’ Nik aka Loudmouthman in a similar way. He was joking about internet applications and open source software with dungeekin, in order to follow the conversation I added them both, Nik was the first person I followed who not only acknowledged the fact, he invited me into the conversation (though to be fair it was under the mistaken assumption that I was somehow already connected to dungeekin..)
These days I mainly follow people who started following me first. When I get an email telling me about them I stop by their page and see if I can figure out why I caught their interest – some I follow back, others may instead find a new subscriber to their blog feed..
If the people I follow are talking to others on a subject I have an interest in, I’ll add the second person so I can follow the whole conversation. I do not actively seek out people to follow, nor will I blindly follow others purely because they have decided to follow me, advertisers especially get short shrift and will in fact be blocked by me completely – as will anyone from the porn industry (I don’t fancy having my avatar showing on their wall of ‘stuff’)

But I love twitter. It has literally opened up a whole new world for me. I have ‘met’ some intelligent and interesting people that may otherwise have passed me by – it’s almost like discovering the internet all over again! It’s a chat room/ message board/ forum/ blog all in one, it’s more immediate than any profile site and it truly brings the world into your front room as it’s happening. ..And not just your front room either, enable text notifications on your mobile and you can keep up with things no matter where you are – signal dependent of course 😉

What more could you ask for from a social networking tool? Yes, it could do with a little tweaking to make it ideal for me. I personally would like the ability to file anything I mark as a ‘favourite’ into different folders – if that happened I’d no longer need delicious since I usually tweet interesting finds or articles, all I’d have to do is ‘fave’ ’em into the folder of choice and away I go.. But those kind of suggestions are another post *grin* I need to wrap this up and head for bed.

If you haven’t already tried twitter then Master K didn’t pimp it hard enough the first time around *chuckle* I’d hope I do better, just be warned; It’s addictive.

3 thoughts on “Who do you follow and why do you do it?

  1. K. Restoule

    I’ll be honest, when I started, at first I only followed the cool people. That’s why I sent you the invite, cause I know you’re cool. Now it has grown into something huge.

    I just wish I could twit more ofter, then again the blogging has suffered as well.

  2. Vics Post author

    HI terrym
    I think I can hand on heart say people are not just following you reciprocally. I had actually never heard of any of those people you mention until I began using twitter, now they follow me as well.. it’s an odd place the net – but fun all the same.

  3. terrym

    Hi there, just my 2 cents worth:

    I think I started with ‘popular’ people like chrisbrogan, jeffpulver and gapingvoid to get me started, but then it got a little random after that.

    For me, though, I tend to be using twitter as an open diary, that microblogging idea, but just for my own benefit I suppose, as I have such a hard time remembering what I’ve been up to. I have ‘followers’, but I’m guessing they’re following me because I’m following them.

    More here: http://morecoffee.blogspot.com/2007/08/answer-because-my-rams-crap.html

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