Today I woke up smiling. I was warm and wrapped in loving arms and the tendrils of sleep still clung to me, carrying over the image of paradise from my dream.

It’s raining outside, sheets of water coming down in waves, one moment only a light drizzle and then a force to almost knock you from your feet – but I’m not fooled, I can see the blue sky hiding behind it’s rags of grey, I know it’s there because it keeps peeping through to see if I’m still smiling.

I am.

Who would have thought Russell Crowe would bring such a smile to my face, but it wasn’t really him, it was the vista he shared with me, Like something from the goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser the scene lit up my soul and brought a song to my heart. Today I carry a piece of paradise in my mind and the gift of tranquility it has spread within my thoughts is bounty beyond measure.

Yup, you could say that I’m a truly happy bunny today.

6 thoughts on “Happiness.

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  2. Vics

    *grin* K i suggest you work out those anger management issues 😆 try getting one of those daylight simulating clocks, a mate of ours swears by his.

    And Pat.. I think Master Crowe was as bemused by his presence in my dream as I was, he kept getting this slightly confused look in his eyes..

  3. K. Restoule

    Oh sure, you wake up all peaceful like. When I wake up, it’s to an alarm going ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Then I have to fight the urge to throw that same clock my bedroom window, which is 28 storey’s up.

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