Tutorom is the place to learn online.

For video or flash tutorials Tutorom really is the place to be. I found this while catching up on my feeds over at Cybernirvana it’s proof positive of why I keep Zia at the top of my info list *grin*

The concept is simple:

Learn. Teach. Collaborate. Online Elearning the tutorom way.

Access thousands of lessons or use our tools to create and control access to your own courses, collaborate with colleagues and much more.

But the content they already have on there is stunning. the database is well laid out so searching for a tutorial is simple (which reminds me, I also need to look for a databasing tutorial) I’ve found some incredibly simple to follow flash mathematics tutorials that should stand me in good stead, I’ve been worried about my crappy grasp of maths for a while.
The beauty of it is though, alongside the more academic type of tutorial you also have videos on everything from belly dancing, jewelery making and improving your golf swing to changing a spark plug in your car and applying eyeliner.

I’ve been unable to do many of the things I love online lately, moving house and starting college has taken a lot more out of me than I’d bargained for, I’m missing my twitter friends and participating in the odd podcast, as you can see from the date I last posted, blogging has taken a hit too and I haven’t had a good sing in months (though I have been keeping an eye out on all the new releases at singsnap so once I have mic and webcam set up again I’ll have quite a list to get me going)

Thank goodness for facebook is all I can say, without that I’d have been off the radar for good – twitter is practically useless at college since the filtering system won’t allow me to open any tinyurl type links and I can’t follow any links from my feed reader either which can make catching up on my feeds a rather frustrating experience, but now I’ve discovered tutorom I can use that time more constructively (assuming the college system allows me to, I’ll have to check tomorrow on that front)

Well, that’s your wee byte from me today – if you know of any other sites like this then do let me know, it’s always handy to have a tutorial resource when you’re learning about something, different people teach in different ways so while I may not understand one thing on here, elsewhere may provide an easier way to understand it.

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  1. K. Restoule

    First thing, I’ve bookmarked Tutorom. I can see it being very handy.


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