Being an adult

I said to Stef on new years eve that I’d not made any resolutions this year, but as I sat down to write this post I realised that I lied.

In 2007 I made the online acquaintance of several interesting people, many of whom I’d love to meet in person, so I’ve decided that at least 2 of ’em will be getting a visit in 2008 – I’d attempt to visit more but a visit to the states doesn’t fit in with my main resolution..

My main resolution this year is to be sensible with money. I used to be but I’ve slipped a lot in the last couple of years – I blame it on a lack of purpose; aimless drifting scrambles your mind.

On the back of that, having sat down and really thought about wants and needs I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably my last blogpost on

In a week or so my host period is done and I’m due to pay up again, much as I’d love to keep the CFS site running I can’t justify the expense while we’re saving for somewhere to live. I’ll miss this blog, I know it’s been a little dusty of late but as you all know from personal experience, life has a way of interrupting a decent blogging schedule sometimes.
Those of you who’ve emailed me I’ll let you know if I start up elsewhere, but as part of my new outlook I’m going to be busy for the next few months making jewelery for a craft fair I’ve signed up for in July (I know, about time eh?!)
I also plan on working my arse off at Uni, I’ve found that doing so cuts into net time a LOT so I’ve pared my online activities down to Facebook and email with occasional sojourns onto Twitter (and the only reason Facebook gets a look in is because I still need SOME form of social life *grin* all work and no play..)

I’ll miss the comment chats but those of you who like to talk, well – I’m sure you have my email if not, just come on over to my place

2 thoughts on “Being an adult

  1. K. Restoule

    You’d better not loose touch with me. I’ll be very disapointed otherwise. I know you’ve been busy and that shows that you have a goal in mind. I’ll e-mail and badger you on a regular basis, oh and one day I’ll will at Scrabble. I cannot loose all the time.

  2. Linda

    Hi Vicks

    Sorry you’re web site is going, but it seems to be going for a good reason. You’re fab at making jewelry, and having done a little bit I know how fascinating and time consuming it can be.

    Also the Uni work, that takes up much time but is so rewarding. I wish you the very best of luck in everything you do, and I hope you keep the fb account open so that we can catch up once in a while.

    I’ve just started my course for this year, philosophy and it’s already taking over:-))

    Look after yourself and don’t drop off the map entirely.

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