First scan

I’ve emailed and facebooked and sent texts but have just not found the energy to blog about it until now – can you believe even STEF beat me to the blogging?

I’d drank a vast amount of water and was actually in pain from the amount sloshing around my bladder by the time we arrived, unfortunately I was a little too full *grin* the sonographer had to send me to the ladies because the poor wee bairn was obviously trapped.. I didn’t want to move because I was basically transfixed at the sight of my little human kicking and squirming away, only the thought of his/her discomfort got me away from the ultrasound machine.

When I came back for another go (full of relief myself may I add) The image was even clearer and she was able to find several suitable angles for measuring purposes.

It was absolutely AWESOME! He (or she) was moving around a lot, plenty of kicking (straight into my bladder, I’m hoping s/he moves soon though, it’s causing me problems on the loo front!) we saw newt scratch his/her nose and shift down to nudge the genital area. Obviously we couldn’t see any genitals but there were definitely 2 of everything that there should be. (we were relieved to have confirmation of just the one body in there though, folks seem to think it’s funny to raise the ‘twins’ thought – it isn’t!)

I just couldn’t get over how CLEAR it was! The sonographer was lovely, quite patiently answered all the blokes questions – though I think he must have misheard the ‘9cm from bum to head’ bit as that would be visible now and in all honesty I’m getting bump envy because there’s just nothing there. I was a tad surprised at how they date you though, she literally just measured the size of the babys head with what looked like the photoshop elipse selection tool – the computer then spat out a reading of 14 weeks and 2 days (I mean.. HOW accurate?!?) which sets my new EDD at 24/08/08 so for those of you with an interest in such things – a taurean mum and an aquarian/capricorn pappy have managed to create a Leo/Virgo spawn.

I barely heard what the lass was saying if I’m honest – it’s just as well Stef was there because I was holding on to my emotions so hard the only spare concentration I had was for the monitor. You cannot even begin to describe the maelstrom of pride, amazement, happiness and excitement that just wells up inside of you as you realise the tiny little human showing up on that screen is making all those movements RIGHT NOW inside of you.

It was really all I could do not to sit there howling.

We came out of the hospital almost dancing, matching grins and sly glances at each other as we held hands walking down the street – it was a definite ‘moment’.

Unfortunately all that excitement completely wore me out, we got back to the house and I basically collapsed into bed – which is how come himself managed to get the pics up on the net and emailed out to everyone before I’d even logged in.

If you want to see the pics then just nip over to stefs blog his flickr account my facebook profile or any number of other places that they’re likely to crop up..

It’s just brilliant isn’t it? Now I want to go out and buy an ultrasound machine so I can watch our little newt move every day! Roll on the next scan!

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  1. April D.

    It’s TRUE ❗ You are going to be a mommy! Or is it mum? Well whatevs, you’re going to be good at it. Congrats to you and the old man!

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