Ok, to fill you all in on just why my posting has been pants for the last few months and why I’ve been so ill and why I’ve barely posted anything else. You see, when you have something big happening in your life it’s all you want to write about – especially on a personal blog like this, but no..
My beloved has been adamant that we shouldn’t tell people our news until after we’ve had the first scan and know for sure that everything is ok – I’ve not been able to blog or stay online because it’s just too hard to keep the secret to myself, but Friday night he went out with all his male cousins and they got to hear the news in the pub – even though we won’t be going for the scan until tuesday..

That’s right, when sat face to face with them all he just couldn’t wait 3 days LOL

I’m just amazed he held off this long – I’ve been dying to tell all those people not in the know *rubs hands in glee* I can just see the fear on their faces now..

Me: “We’re BREEDING!”

Them “NOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..”

It’s a DNA cocktail the likes of which even Mohinder Suresh would quiver to see. Truly this is the DNA melding of doom.

And we couldn’t be happier. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Newt may not have been planned for for a couple more years but he or she (we think he) is the luckiest kid on the planet and we’re chuffed t’buggry about it. Everything happens for a reason remember 😉

I have to say though – there truly is NOTHING pleasent about pregnancy, it’s actually very similar to early stages CFS/ME as far as the worry and constant tiredness goes, the sickness is basically just like Menieres disease (only without the vertigo and deafness) so all in all I was well prepared for the expected physical nastiness.

But it’s weird. I’ve been able to feel my insides moving around to accomodate everything, even though I’m barely showing I can feel the weight of it all being distributed differently when I’m lying down – and it makes for an uncomfortable nights sleep I can tell you; first on the shopping list is definitely a body pillow!
Thankfully the sickness has died off a tad so I’m not retching at every noxious smell that crosses my path (that was embarrassing) and the whole ‘boob’ thing has settled down. I’ve basically been living on fruit, cereal, potatoes and vegetables because I couldn’t bear the thought of most meats, cheese, pasta and (believe it or not) chocolate or cake and I’ve gone from massive plates of food to kiddie portions. Chocolate has been the first thing to sneak back into the diet since the morning sickness began to wear off, but I still can’t face the rest and don’t know if I ever will again!

The thing is, NOW.. Oh yes.. NOW the cravings have finally arrived.

Last night, around 10pm I went and asked the father of my child what time the local shop shut, he replied ‘now’ and I nearly burst into tears. I wanted original flavour Pringles and I wanted ’em BAD!

He on the other hand found it hilarious, here we are in a house that has more pickled goods than you can shake a stick at (his mum has an allotment and they freeze and jar their own veg and sauces and preserves) and I don’t want the traditional ‘pickles and ice cream’ I want crisps – but not ANY crisps, I’d already been through the cupboards and rejected everything in there, I knew what I wanted and just as you’d expect, we didn’t have any.
But I mean.. of all things! PRINGLES!?! ..And original flavour to boot! C’mooooon! the lad is supposed to walk the ends of the earth to find me granite flavoured ice cream or peel spuds at 1am so I can have chips and maple syrup. But no – I wanted Pringles, it’s just so disappointing.

Mind you, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all down to your subconscious kicking off with the nesting thing so you stock up on stuff – now that I have pringles in the house I don’t want them, instead I want chocolate mousse/ dessert/ pudding or whatever the sauce stuff in those cadburys pots is known as. Basically, if you haven’t got it in the house and can’t easily get hold of it – you’ll crave it.
Which sucks.

Still, we’re REALLY looking forward to Tuesday and our first glimpse of Newt, we should even get to hear his little heartbeat – I’m so excited! Expect many ‘mommy blogger’ type posts on here in the future because it is literally pretty much all I can think about. College have been great about it and Nick, my year tutor, has already put into place some options for next year – but that’s a whole other post because right now I’m off to bed – building a baby is bloody knackering y’know!

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  1. Kitty


    Congratulations to both of you, I know how much you want this. Of course with you two as parents, boy or girl it’s going to be a wee nutter 😉 😆

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