Procrastination and college life

I’m currently sat in the ‘career planning’ lesson (most pointless lesson on the currculum) and I’m supposed to be blogging on studynet about:

one question related to section 2 of the assignment and use the STAR or CAR method to show you have grasped what is required

Boring or what..? Anyhow, this basically prompted me to go searching through some of my older posts on here in an attempt to find some examples from my employment since my brain is as sharp as cottage cheese right now and my memory has taken a holiday.

Unfortunately (as you’d expect) I’ve been sidetracked instead I found this post I’d not bother reading it though, the relevant portion is here:

1. id start a college course in business and computing – id like to learn programming and web design so i could get musicalmixer off the ground.
2. id read more
3. id join/ start a band for pleasure just to get back into singing again actually go to the gym and excersize and id be able to do wing chun again more frequently
5.the house would STAY clean
6. id try writing something properly – sci-fi/ fantasy or romance, maybe a mixture of the three, who knows.
7. id learn to drive and actually go on the day trips i keep planning with S.
8. id be able to go and visit everyone ive neglected over the last few years
9. i could start baking again, yey! fresh cakes…
10. id be able to go watch the films i like the look of when they come out instead of having to put it off and never getting around to it.
11. id check out sign language properly – possibly even learn it myself if i can (no false bravado… im not the best student in the world but its always interested me and the fact that claire wants to know it as well helps.)
12. id buy a drum kit and start practicing again, i was never very good but i could at least play well enough for an informal jam session
13. id start going to karaoke more frequently again
14. i could possibly take up acting again – i was good at that and it really was a buzz being on stage. not as good as fronting a band but interesting.
15. i could travel, see different parts of the world – something ive ALWAYS wanted to do! Bavaria here i come…
16. id fly a kite
17. learn sword fighting.
18. ride a horse
19. go sailing
20. try some water sports – wind surfing, powerboat racing… that kind of thing.
21. go to car boot sales and antique fairs/ book fairs just to look at pretty things (though id probably need a couple of cars if i went to a book fair *grin*)
22. go househunting and looking around furniture stores.
23. learn to massage people PROPERLY.
24. do a course on time management so i could fit it all in

Those were the things I wanted to do if I were lucky enough to not have to work *sigh* ah well, at least I’m doing one of those, 1 out of 24 isn’t bad eh?!
The real pisser of it is, I’d still like to do most of those things but now it isn’t time or finances preventing me, it’s all medical.

Meh, no matter – guess I’d best get back to actually ‘working’ eh?! No point doing the course if I don’t do what’s required of me..

One thought on “Procrastination and college life

  1. K. Restoule

    I know I know. Sometimes you really do have to fight for what you want in life.

    Remember to “rage against the dying of your light”. I do that every 6 months or so to get my butt in gear. It will at least give you the sense that you can take control of things.

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