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I’ve been tagged

Yup, it seems people still know of my online existence *grin* well one person anyhow.. Since I love the loudmouthman to death I guess I have no choice but to fall in line – I’ll not pass it on though because I doubt there’s many of you who stop by here much anymore – it’s a tad dusty.

So, my task is to discuss 8 random things about myself.. Hmmm.. I think the trick here will be to find something about myself that I haven’t already discussed at length – what with me being so backwards at coming forwards and all LOL

Right.. I’ve had a think and to kick off:

  1. I can’t breathe through my mouth. If I have a cold I’m in real trouble because it is almost impossible for me to breathe, for some reason I can take a couple of shallow breaths through my mouth before I start choking but otherwise it’s as though my throat closes up and stops me taking in oxygen orally.
  2. I have a mole on my right cheek (the facial one before you start getting ideas!) it tends to sprout hair that grows remarkably swiftly and 2 of my brothers are forever giving me grief about it – I once attended a party where the elder decided it would be funny to write on the fridge about my ‘guest’ and how it really needed a shave. I was not amused. Unfortunately I’m too squeamish to pluck it so when I remember (or Stef nags at me) it gets trimmed, otherwise my ‘beauty spot’ gets to grow “..all creepy and Eeuuuuuwwwwww” as the younger brother shudderingly describes it – gotta love my family.
  3. When I was in Junior school I entered a song writing competition, I wrote the lyrics and someone else wrote the music. We either won or came second (my memory on that part is hazy) and were supposed to go on Pebble mill to collect our prizes. My mum wouldn’t let me go, so someone else went in my place – I got an Anglia building society (see how long ago that was? before it changed it’s name to nationwide..) account with £5 in it plus a big yellow pyramid shaped money box. I’d rather have been on telly 🙁
  4. At the age of 19 I was the face of ‘Salford Way’. A mate of mine had been commissioned to take photographs for some promotional material for a council scheme helping women get back into education in Salford. There were about 6 of us in the photos but my ugly mug got pride of place on all the posters as well as being featured in the ‘photo story’ on the leaflets – for that we all received the princely sum of £20 and a meal at a place called Courtneys – what made it more embarrassing was that people on my course in the Salford area all got the leaflets through the post, I got the mickey taken out of me for WEEKS!
  5. I don’t sleep. I’ve always had real trouble getting to sleep at night, when I do finally doze off I’m more likely to dream (well, have nightmares) than hit deep sleep, for a while I’d managed to start getting some refreshing sleep again, but since falling pregnant it’s back to the doze/dream/wake cycle – this makes for a very narky Vicky.
  6. I have UK size 3 feet. This may have been mentioned before but basically I wear kids shoes – no tax on my footwear! I have been warned that during pregnancy this may change and I’ll go up a size but so far so good..
  7. Speaking of feet, I LOVE having mine rubbed – the problem is, when receiving any kind of massage I make what Phoebe would refer to as ‘sex noises’ I can’t help it, cats purr when stroked, I moan. It’s instinctive and I don’t even realise I’m doing it which can be quite embarrassing on occasion..
  8. Since it’s taken me over an hour to get this far I guess I’ll have to succumb and write something about the bump.. I can’t picture myself with a daughter. A son I can imagine easily and have even dreamed of in recent weeks but I just cannot picture a little girl in my life – this is why I’m almost positive we’re going to have a boy. If truth be told I’m almost scared to think of having a girl – I’ll have to learn how to ‘do hair’ and stuff..

3 thoughts on “8 random things

  1. K. Restoule

    You do have style and don’t let him tell you otherwise. After all, all he does is run around, showing the crack of his ass and cheat at Scrabble

  2. Vics

    Heh! You see that Stef? I’ve got STYLE! 😆

    Thanks Nik, the steam blowing offer is much appreciated as are the sentiments *kiss* you do a gals ego good 😳

  3. Nicholas Butler

    Hey Hun , thanks for taking part in the Random things conversation. Your going to be great as a mum youve got style, intelligence, enthusiasm and good back up in Stef. Youve got a good mix hun and sense of humour to help you through the more tougher times that also come with being a parent. Your going to be great and we are always around if you need to come down and blow off some parental steam with like minded people.

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