Antenatal yoga

It was an interesting evening,  not the most auspicious of starts seeing as I was lying there thinking “ugh what a waste of time, I shouldn’t have bothered” but then I’ve never been able to ‘get’ relaxation exercises where you have to close your eyes and imagine a string pulling your head straight and the breath cycling through your body.. You know, the ‘ball of light’ type of exercises – I do have a cracking imagination but for some reason all I feel is daft and cynical when I hear that kind of talk, it doesn’t relax me it just makes me feel uncomfortable and out of place.

Anyhow, after about 5 minutes of this we got into the introductions, talking and actual yoga and breathing techniques – MAN! It’s worth every penny! For the first time in what feels like weeks my back has stopped aching, I was so relaxed by the end of the class I just wanted to stay curled up on my mat and not leave – it’s the least stressed I’ve definitely been in months!

(Ok, so the de-stress thing was destined to last no longer than me leaving the womans house but it felt good while it lasted)

I’m signed up for another 5 sessions to see how I handle it with the ME/CFS, if I like and feel able to cope then I’ll be booking in for the rest of my pregnancy because it’s not only good for the exercise, I picked up quite a few tips tonight on breastfeeding and the like so over the next couple of months I’m likely to learn more – the fact that I’m finally meeting some local women similar in age doesn’t hurt none either  😉

2 thoughts on “Antenatal yoga

  1. missmilki

    I just stumbled across your website tonight when looking for blogs on M.E./CFS. Congrats on the pregnancy! Just thought I’d let you know that I have M.E. and have been doing Yoga Therapy recently and I’ve found it great. While my class was specifically for people with M.E. maybe if you let your teacher know about your M.E. she might be able to show you some modified poses etc. Yoga is all about taking things at your own pace and not at all competitive so if you can keep it up do. just listen to your body and stop when you get tired and relax for a few min.
    Also my main tip would be to see how you feel the day after! most of us from the class felt great that night but tired the next day..if this happens do just a little less next week. But do try keep it up..its great for your M.E. as well! Good luck with it!

  2. K. Restoule

    I’m glad that you’re getting the chance to let some of the stress with this class. Just as long as future posts don’t focus on breast feeding.

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