20 week anomaly scan

It’s a..

Team yellow still Cry

I thought I saw a little suggestion of manhood but she moved the scanner away before I could be sure so Stef reckons it was just wishful thinking because he didn’t see it.

In all honesty I don’t mind if it is a girl, i’d rather a boy because it’ll make things simpler – boys names are so much easier to agree on! He’s adamant that if it’s a girl it should be Aurelia – I just don’t know, the more I say it the less I like it, we may plump for Bronwyn in the end if only because we’re both fairly ambivalent about it, at least if it’s a boy we’ve already agreed on Alexander Ignatius – seriously, choosing a name is harder than anything else I reckon.

Anyhow, the main thing is that growth is progressing nicely, the spine, kidneys, brain, heart, bladder etc etc are all where they should be and looking as they should do so boy or girl our baby is doing just fine.

Rightio, I’m off to yoga whilst my honey fiddles around with the camera in an attempt to get a decent digital shot of the scan pics – sadly they’re not as clear as the 14 week one but at least it looks like the poor kid got his ears and not mine (though I guess there’s still time for that to change)

At least I know I’ll sleep tonight, last night was a washout on the sleep front, too busy fretting I guess – damn my fertile imagination!

3 thoughts on “20 week anomaly scan

  1. Mark

    well hello you
    just been on Friends Reuwhatsit and discovered your news.

    Damn your fertile imagination?
    Honey, I don’t think the imagination is the problem.

    Well done & congrats.

    Email me, I have news tooooooo

  2. K. Restoule

    Personally I’d be working on a plan to minimize the Stef influence. Having a little girl running around going BABOON is a really bad thing.

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