Rock Band – the joys and the woes

The fellah and I have been invited to a gaming weekend in reading this week – featured will be the eagerly awaited Rock Band *happy dances*

..but we can’t go.

Why? Because I have 4 assignments due in within the next three weeks and too much work to justify a game party weekend *sob* I wouldn’t mind but it’d make me the envy of all the lads at college since that particular game isn’t due out over here until the end of May – we’d be playing the U.S. version and having seen the price of the damned thing and hearing with disgust how much it is in the U.S. in comparison to here It’d likely be my only chance to play it too  *sigh* I wonder if Sketch can get his bro to leave it here for a while..? LOL

Meh, guess I’ll have to concentrate on getting this coursework done and revising for my exams instead.

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