Looking up!

Yesterday I paid up the admin charge/holding fee for a flat in Hatfield. In a weeks time the credit check and vetting process should be complete and I’ll be picking up the keys and signing a contract – assuming no problems of course..

I cannot tell you how great it feels to have finally found somewhere to live, the whole ’32, pregnant and practically homeless’ thing was really starting to get me down! I’m now looking around at furniture and furnishings and starting to get really excited at the thought of buying stuff for the baby – I just a happy bunny *grin* I love anything housey!
Seriously itching to get into the flat with a tape measure, pad and pencil so I can blow my savings on making the place ours – and all in time for the new arrival *happy dances* I will post before and after pics, never you fear, then once the place is sorted I can relax and wait for the ‘oh crap’ moment of actually bringing the baby home for the first time.

I’ve prepared myself for nappy changing, vomit and feeding disasters, but there’s bound to be something I’ve overlooked. I know it won’t be easy, but I’ve thought through the financial aspects, the emotional aspects and most of the big stuff like what kind of birth to have and breast vs bottle feeding and whether I’ll be able to see my course through to it’s conclusion with a newborn to hand..

But it’s the little things that will make the difference, it’s the little things that pile up day after day and dictate whether things will work out or not – I’m just so scared of failing at the little things right now. Up and down and all around not knowing if you’re coming or going and having to listen to the conflicting opinions of every man and his dog around you. How the hell have the human race survived the experience for so many years? It’s a feckin’ miracle I tell ya! Still, first steps and all, having somewhere to live is the main priority right now – I’ll just have to worry about the rest later.

Now.. Sofabeds, I’m thinking some kind of brown/ camel type colour will go nicely with the blue carpet – but how well will that hide baby stains..? I have a funny feeling I’m doomed to become a dab hand with the fabric cleaner.

2 thoughts on “Looking up!

  1. Vics Post author

    little midget?! LOL I guess since neither parent tops 5′ 4″ nanito is a pretty good description 😆

    Here’s hoping it’s small enough for an easy birth eh?! I’m dreading the pushing bit..

  2. April D.

    Sweet, I got an update sooner than I expected! :mrgreen: So by the next post I’ll be hearing about the actual move, no? Vics, I’m so happy for you and Stef and the little nanito (spanish for little midget). This is so exciting ❗

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