Fun times!

I’m really looking forward to mediacamp london, I’ve already spread the word facebook style but as it gets closer I’m getting all a-jiggle about it. This will be my first social media event and I’m just really looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere, conversations and hopefully learning something in the process.
I was going to drag Stef along with me as I think he’d find it interesting too but he’s got a stag do to attend so I guess I’ll be all on my lonesome – if any of you are about and at a loose end on July 5th, come down to the SAE Institute North Road, London and say hi to the dark haired fat chick waddling along the corridors – ignore any muttered curses from her direction though, that’s just a side effect of pregnancy when the unborn brat decides to use her guts as a punchbag..

I’m also excited about my upcoming move, Tuesday is when the first few bits will be transported to the new flat and the mammoth cleaning operation goes into effect (has to be done before the furniture goes in obviously) I’m estimating 2 weeks before we’ve got everything in as we’ll need to sort out a time when our lovely helpers are free to do the lugging around (C’mon, I’m 10 weeks off drop date, I’ll not be lugging ‘owt!) otherwise we’d be in on Wednesday *grin*

Right, now for the important stuff.. Time to research broadband providers in the area – what’s the betting we just end up with talk talk again..?

2 thoughts on “Fun times!

  1. Vero Pepperrell

    Really good to meet you yesterday! Hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you, and remember that there’s nothing wrong with running a mummy blog. Geek mums are rather cool, if you ask me 🙂

    Have a good weekend, and see you on Twitter.


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