There may be trouble ahead..

It’s been pretty hectic since the social media conference, I’ve had furniture delivered, a plumber round to fix ‘stuff’ attended an antenatal class with Stef and been to a wedding; after which I had the biggest scare of my life..

We’d gone up to Knutsford to see Stefs mate tie the knot on Sunday, our initial plan was to drive up, stick around for a few hours and drive back; sadly the car park attendant had other ideas..
We got back to the car at 10:30pm only to find the place closed and locked up – despite no noticeable signs stating this would be the case. This then meant we had to try and find somewhere to sleep for the night and hope and pray someone would be around in the morning to open it up again. Thankfully it was, but unfortunately en route to the carpark I fell.

Actually I tried to fly – no idea how it happened, one moment I’m a step behind Stef as we walked along the main road, next thing I’m flat out on my face, full weight on bump and my bag thrown to the wind. I managed to wrench my shoulder (it still hurts) and I can still recall the odd sensation of feeling as though I’m lying on a blow up ball. I was soooooo embarrassed, rush hour traffic, busy road – police arrived out of nowhere and helped stef to pick me up enquiring if I needed an ambulance..

We probably should have done just that but I was so shocked at the speed of it and so embarrassed at being the centre of attention – not to mention worried about whether we were going to be able to get at the car and go home.. Well, I brushed it off and said it was fine, we got back to the car (thankfully unclamped and able to leave the car park) Stef worridly checking I’m all right when a few minutes down the road reaction set in and I started howling.

It was horrible, I’ve done nothing but complain about how active this child is for months, yet for at least 20 minutes after my fall there was no movement at all – I panicked, I cried and Stef made me call the hospital; they insisted I go straight in for a check up.
This was where I had to explain we were at Keele services and it’d take me a couple of hours at least to get to them. She was very calm and reassuring on the phone, I’d felt some movement my waters hadn’t broken and as far as we could tell I wasn’t bleeding.. They booked me in to see the triage nurse and as soon as we arrived I was hooked up to a machine and being poked and prodded and questioned thoroughly.

On the plus side, I’ve seen first hand just how brilliant the lasses on the delivery suite are at Watford general – it’s really reassured me about having the baby there. On the other hand I’m now paranoid about doing anything; the thought of how it could so easily have turned out differently still makes my stomach clench in fear and my eyes fill up. I NEVER want to feel that afraid again – yet this is all part and parcel of being a parent, I’m doomed to this stomach clenching terror every time something happens or my child is out of sight..

How the hell do people do this and stay sane?!

3 thoughts on “There may be trouble ahead..

  1. April D.

    Hi Vics, sorry I haven’t been around in a while. I’m glad to read that everything was ok but I can only imagine what you were feeling at that point in time. I’m still sending you, Stef, and the babe my prayers!

  2. Kitty

    Bighugs, anything like that is scary, and yes, you should have gone straight to the hospital, but I know that whole not wanting to make a fuss thing.

    As for the sanity thing, well the simple answer is: you don’t. I won’t tell you all the stomach clenching fears I’ve had in the last 2 years (yes he’s nearly 2!), I’m quite sure you don’t need any encouragement on that front.

    Cluck, gibber, my old man’s a mushroom 😯 😉

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