What’s in a name?

I’ve been dipping in and out of the blog and social media ‘scenes’ for a while, I *know* all about how I should be optimising my website for search engines and keeping my posts organised, concise and FOCUSED – but I am not a brand, I am not a company, I am a jewellery making, blog writing, new mother and student geek, so on what am I supposed to focus?

Like most of you I’ve yet to find a niche for myself, I have no single overriding interest that I can turn into my strength and identity as so many others here have, I have no expert knowledge on any subject nor do I have the concentration to gain such. I learn only as much about anything as I need in order to complete the task at hand (with maybe a little extra if it interests me) my time management is abysmal and yet it rarely bothers me because I do prioritise and the majority of my tasks are still completed on time.

So, all this being the case – what is my marketable brand? In simplistic terms I guess it’s Rosevibe. That is the handle I use for everything and the name by which most of my net friends know me (well, that and Vics) but what does that brand stand for? What does it say?

Nothing. It’s a name and nothing more.

I intermittently read the blogs and tweets of people I respect from the social media scene (Loudmouthman, Sizemore and Chris Brogan to name 3) and have learned many a useful tidbit. But what have I given to them? I listen and offer observations, I ask questions and try to clarify my understanding of the answers given and I try to be a friend to everyone on my contact list.

Perhaps that’s the service I offer; a virtual sounding board, someone who isn’t too involved in whatever is being discussed yet knows just enough about the subject to offer a fresh perspective or a new idea – or at the very least ask questions in a way that shows perhaps their idea isn’t as simple to get across as they’d originally thought. I’m a test subject – but what shiny new buzz word can I coin to encompass such a thing? What new label can I give to the complex being I am that will turn “Rosevibe” into something more than a name? Something that I can market once my degree has been gained and I’m actively searching for work?

Propitious I may be – good at naming things I am not (which is why I always wrote the lyrics but the guitarist named the song) Methinks the old ‘consultancy’ label may be dusted off in lieu of a sparkly new buzzword as, like the little black dress, it hides a multitude of sins and accentuates the delightful.
So these are the questions I’ve been asking myself lately: What would you brand yourself? What do you offer?

In the realm of the virtual, how do you answer those questions? I’m interested to know what people think of themselves in a marketable sense and what they think of marketing in general, but then I’m interested in a lot of things, that’s what makes me ME – What makes you YOU? What would you brand yourself? What do you offer?

3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Vics

    LOL thanks for that m’love, so perhaps what I really need is a total re-branding..?
    ..and no you can’t light the fire. 🙄

  2. Crash

    I still think that “Rosevibe” sounds like the name of a happy, gentle sex toy marketed to women who don’t want to admit they’re buying a battery-powered cock.

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