#MCL2 – the write up.

I know, it’s taken me quite a while but to be fair I’ve been snowed under with work between now and then..

Anyhow, Media Camp London #2 was quite a different animal in comparison to #1.
Ok, so it still rained on the way there – this time however it was still raining on the way back, possibly in commiseration since we had to leave after the last session to go and collect The Child – but I digress..

For those of you not in the know, Media Camp is a place for people interested in social media, the web and internet ‘stuff’ in general to meet up and discuss ideas, projects and anything  else of mutual interest – so basically heaven for me; the only way it could be improved were if a karaoke were thrown in for good measure *grin* still, since I appear to be in the minority on the karaoke front I guess it’s just as well they don’t have that (although as it has been hosted both times at the SAE institute I’m guessing I could have found somewhere to sing if I’d looked hard enough..)

Unfortunately this time around, the weather managed to combine with a nasty bout of man flu so the turn out was a tad sparser than anticipated. I missed chatting once more to @Jof Arnold, @Adi, @Melinda, @Vero and Chris Garret because they were all unable to attend and 2 of the sessions were cancelled due to the presenters twittering in sick. That being said however, the enthusiasm of the remaining population remained undampened.

The day began well with a number of us congregating in the lounge as we awaited the start of the sessions, we twittered and bemoaned the lack of hot beverages and found ourselves united in the longing for refreshment – which is how I met Amanda aka Hedgewitch, a cracking lass despite her love of the Mac (yes,  despite it’s many faults I’m still a PC gal..) she’s pretty without being vacant; has an awesome personality, great taste in jewellery and a fine mind full of knowledge that I wish I could download for myself.

Despite the weather, the first sessions began on time.  ‘A taxonomy of social media’ was presented by Benjamin Ellis whom I remember meeting at #1, I learned about Dunbars number, agreed with the fact that visible conversations are self regulating and that self regulation/ feedback helps stop a social media platform from collapsing through disintegrating relationships – more of which can be read on his own blog post on the subject.

It was interesting to reflect on the differences in information dissemination – Video, being linear is more time consuming  whereas text is skimmable and the points relevant to the reader can be picked up in less time, I’m a skimmer and, I thought at the time of his talk, a bridger; that is, a person who bridges several networks.

But as Ann Wittbrock commented at the time; we all think of ourselves as bridgers, how can a network ‘work’ if it’s made up entirely of bridgers? It certainly gave me pause and made me evaluate my knee jerk ‘that’s me’ reaction to the talk, I’m not a bridger; I barely participate never mind connect – but I’m working on it ;0p

It was in here that the quote of the day was heard  “On the internet pigs CAN fly” I guess you had to be there but it made me chuckle. The basic thought behind the phrase was that you could have an absolute sow of an application but with a good enough network it WILL take wing and fly – just look at twitter.  (Not that I’m saying it’s a sow but..)

Sadly we missed the next session because refreshments showed up and the need to drink and feed overtook any other consideration, during this respite we learned that geek girls love Kipling, the colour purple and cake, and I found the Italian guy sold Chino so promptly bought up his stock (I”m selfish like that, he only had 3 cans..) and got to catch up with @Asha2 who finally joined the twitter crowd just before the event.

The next session I attended proved to be confusing, in hindsight I should probably have hopped over to  the DIY online monitoring one with Stef but I like to learn and so persevered on in an attempt to understand what the people around me were discussing. It’s likely that all I did was muddy the waters in my feeble attempts at contributing and so for that I do apologise to my fellow attendees – sometimes, I forget to engage the ‘shut up’ portion of my brain – as the folks in Chris Hamblys session may well have noticed *blush*

Chris was talking about a virtual  learning environment and as this is quite similar to the Cable project I’m part of at Hatfield uni I kind of *ahem* spoke up – A LOT.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise profusely to the American gent I kept speaking over – I just have this nervous energy that runs my mouth into overdrive when I finally feel as though I know what I’m talking about; it’s so rare that I get a tad carried away when it happens.. So, sorry.. *blush*

I did enjoy the Judith Lewis (aka deCabbit) session about online reputation management, there I learned about Gorkana, a media portal for journalists and PRs which will be looked into as soon as I have some time, she also very kindly sent a copy of her slides to those of us who expressed an interest; many thanks and much kudos to that leather clad SEO goddess! It was a good day all in all, it’s just unfortunate that I didn’t get the opportunity to speak more with CJ (again) or with any of the other interesting folks these events abound with, advice to anyone attending is:

Don’t rush off after the last session, the best networking conversations happen in the pub!

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  1. amanda

    Thanks *blushes*
    It was lovely to meet you too ;o)
    and it was a really great day for meeting and learning from Good people.

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