Whilst browsing a couple of jewellers forums I came across a link to a course in silver metalwork at college lane in the evenings (My uni campus which is luckily walking distance from the home) as well as a kiln fused glass course, for the fantastic sum of £175 each.. If only I had more time and energy *sigh*

My hobby is beading and I’ve been flirting with wirework in between assignments and seeing to Izzy, it’s something I’d love to take further but as always, time and finances prove to be something of an issue.

On further investigation I also noted a web standards and compliance course which would tie in perfectly with my degree as we’ve barely touched the surface of web design – nor are we likely to from all I can see of the course syllabus.
Still, I’ve learned how to embed a flash media player and a couple of tricks on dreamweaver so all is not lost as far as my dreams of web domination are concerned..

Now all I have to do is buy a copy of Dreamweaver lol

3 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. Nicholas Butler

    you dont need dreamweaver just Photoshop and a few lessons in slicing up Photoshop files into XHTML ( html wth css ) then you have standards and frankly a much greater depth of understanding in design issues. online.

    Keep working through that course , your energies and determination are an inspiration.

  2. kirsty

    have you looked into the student discounts available on the adobe website?i think you can get a full creative suite for £3-400 would be worth it if you plan to pursue this for a career

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