Testing out flash video functionality

I’ve just recently added another plugin to this blog because I want to start adding video content (without uploading to youtube first) I know I’m a tad late coming to the v-log sphere but better late than never eh?!

Why now? you may ask, well, I have a new toy.

The flip ultraNot the new toy that Stef recieved for his birthday, but the new toy I received from the university a couple of days ago.

That’s right – from Uni! Free, gratis and for NOWT *massive grin*

..OK so at some point I may have to give it back but for at least the next 4 months it’s MINE!

I’m to use it for the collation of interviews and meetings/ classes relating to the CABLE project of which I am the student steering group leader, some of which may find their way into the BLU presentation in a few months time.

So obviously I’ve had to play with it, get a feel and plan out what I intend to film – right?


Which is why I have a ton of footage like this of our 5 month old smiler ;0p
Now all I need to tweak are the compression settings and I’m up ‘n’ running! Web 3.0 here I come..

2 thoughts on “Testing out flash video functionality

  1. littlebead

    Hi, couldn’t resist visiting, I’m in a bloggy sort of mood today.Well done on producing such a clear well set-out blog and I’m loving that gorgeous pic of you!! See you in Twitterville

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