WordPress thoughts

I’m currently in the process of sorting out a website for my ‘final’ year project, I’m using wordpress to create a site for a peripatetic music teacher based in Surrey (who just also happens to be my best friend..)

The thing is, whilst doing this I’ve learned so much about wordpress that I hadn’t really thought about and know that it is quite a powerful little bundle in its own right.
..but the plugins! The list seems to have exploded since I last looked at it (which must have been back when I first shifted from blogger to here so at least three years ago now) It’s made me add a few things to here as well – and brought about a decision to use wp for my entire site and REALLY do something with it – so if you have me bookmarked here, well.. Sorry – I’m going to sacrifice most of my links and technorati ratings and start over – don’t worry, I’ll give at least a weeks notice before I pull the plug on this link location but it’s my new ambition (hey, gotta start small y’know)

I have information on ME/CFS that could very easily transfer over to a wordpress installation and seeing as I plan to have the ME/CFS site updated by the end of September it makes sense to do that, I could make a proper gallery wp installation with tutorials and the like for my beading (once I’ve spoken to someone knowledgeable about macro photography) and I might even start a media wp installation to throw up some music and video content now that I’m collaborating vocally again with a lad from musofinder

And the best part of it is I can use the same template for all and keep the site looking uniform.

I’ve toyed with the idea of playing around with drupal, joomla and the like for ages, but methinks my heart is with the ease of wordpress, it can literally do everything I need and I don’t have to start from scratch learning how to do it.

..though if I ever get time on my hands that may change *grin* I love to learn..